Twitter is a social phenomena that is still going strong since it’s beginning in 2006. Twitter is an instant chat platform that is available to the public. Your tweets can be visible to everyone if you choose, or you can restrict who sees your tweets. Twitter has gained popularity over the last few years, especially since celebrities have started using it. But can Twitter be an asset to your business?

It is estimated there are over 300 million people using Twitter. You can see the Tweets of the people you follow and your followers can see your Tweets. You can update your Twitter as many times as you want. Each Tweet must be limited to 140 characters. Using Twitter to grow your business is an excellent idea. Here are a few ideas to help you get started:

1. Connect With the Right People

Twitter is an excellent platform to help you network with others. The best way to get the major players in your niche to follow you is to follow them. Once you develop a good following you can get feedback from your market, or you can market your business through twitter.

2. How to Get People to Follow You

One secret to get people to follow you is to post a couple of very interesting tweets before you follow someone. This will make you appear interesting and worthy of following. It is also very important you have a complete bio with a URL that leads to a page that tells the reader more about you. A good picture of or your business logo is critical also.

3. Use Your Twitter Feed to Your Advantage

Once you have your Twitter account up and running, you can add your Twitter feed to your blog and add it to your connections on Facebook. Don’t forget to add Twitter to your LinkedIn account for maximum exposure.

4. Reply to the Ones You Are Following

When you send replies to those you are following you will be able to build a relationship and encourage them to follow you. There have been a few self-published authors that have built a huge following on Twitter, which in turn has turned into millions of dollars for them as they promote their books to their followers.

5. Use Twitter Effectively

When you use Twitter is it important that you follow a few rules and learn how to use it effectively. First of all, you must treat others with respect. It is important that you participate in the community by tweeting useful items. Be very wary of just tweeting about your business or products. No one wants to read tweet after tweet of self-promotion.

Think of Twitter as an online coffee house where business owners gather. Participate in discussions, provide helpful advice and do a little promotion, and you will find that Twitter is very good for your business.

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