To the users rejoice, twitter has introduced the feature of SMS notifications for the Activity stream, a recent addition in service’s web interface. If you are an active Twitter user and have enabled SMS Notifications, then you will receive instant text updates the moment any other users retweet you, follow you or favorite your content.

How To Post a Tweet via SMS

1. Tweeting through your cell phones, via text messages maintaining your comfortable position and posture is perhaps the easiest way to post messages on Twitter. To learn more about the ways of sending the Tweet via text from your cell phones, read further:

2. To begin with you need to connect develop a link between your phone you’re your Twitter account. If you haven’t done it by now, do it soon and in case you don’t, you may read out how to do it from a text or from the Web.

3. Next you would need to locate your Twitter short code. The list of these codes is provided here. If however you couldn’t find your country on the list, then we may not probably support your location or mobile carrier as of yet. We are increasing our support range everyday and perhaps soon you may find yours.

4. One you are through with adding our phone, just send a text message comprising of your Tweet to your short code. Provided below is an illustration of a user located in the U.S. sending a text message to their short code (40404). It’s really just that simple! Doing the same you’d be able to post a Tweet to your Twitter profile.

In order to confirm that the message has been posted to your Twitter profile, log in on the web and into your Profile. You should be able to see your Tweet posted there.

How To Get SMS Notifications for Tweets and Activity!

Do you wish to get instant notification on your cell phone whenever someone you like Tweets or @mentions you? Consider the same when someone marks your Tweet as a favorite or retweets one of your Tweets? If you are done with adding your phones number to your account, you can now easily make avail of this feature in your account’s Mobile Settings.

Turning on notifications for DMs and @replies/mentions

1. Visit your Settings page
2. Click the Mobile tab
3. Check the boxes under Message notifications for each type of notification you would like enabled for your device.
4. Select whether you want to receive notifications any time someone you follow mentions you using the Only from people I follow option, or choose to have any @mention or reply be delivered to your phone by selecting From anyone.