With the passage of time, the use of healthcare apps has increased tremendously, which indicates more of the individuals have started to focus on the improvement of their health & wellness by sticking to a healthy diet that is recommended by the fitness experts, frequent visits to the doctors and strictly following their given medication along with regular follow-up appointments. So, the list of Health apps or mobile healthcare apps is astounding.

It is easy to see why some biggest tech brands are investing in software and hardware to develop incredible healthcare apps. As per a survey, the size of the mHealth market grew over 5 times from 2012 to 2018, going from $6.7 billion in 2012 grew to $33.59 billion in 2018. By the year 2020, the mHealth revenue is expected to be worth $58.8 billion in value, compared to that of $25.39 billion in 2017.

As per the report by the Pew Research Center, about 15% of smartphone users aged around 18-30 ages have healthcare apps on the phone. Moreover, the statistics say that 50% of smartphone users can download health apps by the end of 2020.

Healthcare Apps

With numbers like that, you can see why tech companies are investing so much in the development of healthcare apps. The greater surprise here is that despite such staggering growth already, there is still a lot of room for creativity and innovation. The world demands mHealth apps and if you have a well-defined idea, you just don’t make a profitable app but indeed truly make a difference to individuals’ lives. To help you get started, here is a chart from Statista that shows the most used fitness and health apps of 2019. As you can check, watching weight, staying fit, sleeping well, tracking periods/ ovulation, and running/walking are some of the most sought after categories in fitness and health apps.


So, with this, you can estimate that this is the right time to develop healthcare apps. All you need to know are some app ideas that the world must know about and are profitable.
Before we begin, we must understand how healthcare apps provide personalized and immediate healthcare service:
There is a huge market developed for medical/healthcare apps, medical apps for doctors as well as patients. There are various healthcare app ideas, which aim to provide personalized treatment for patients. With healthcare apps keeping a track over medication, patient monitoring, health, recovery, and real-time doctor consultation- it is seen that healthcare app market will cross $60 Billion by the year 2020!

People are paying a lot for healthcare services and they deserve a great experience- which is in turn promised by healthcare mobile apps.


  • If you are running a hospital and need to provide efficient healthcare services to the patients,
  • A doctor who wishes to reach to their patients anytime and provide the healthcare service,
  • An entrepreneur looking to develop healthcare apps

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You are in the right place!! We are going to list down the best healthcare app ideas and ways to create them:

1. Apps That Track & Manage Chronic Diseases

That heading is a wide umbrella that can cover a scope of various illnesses and create a wide range of solutions. Anyone suffering from any sort of chronic illness, says Asthma, Cancer, Diabetes or Arthritis needs all the help they can get. Technology, whenever utilized well, can help make the management of these conditions simpler by providing help to the patients:

  • Stick to the medication schedule,
  • Monitor signs and symptoms
  • Identify various patterns & avoid things that instigate flare-ups
  • Get medical help on time
  • Remotely consult the doctors
  • Keep a track of insurance coverage

2. Personal Medical Records App

A personal medicinal record application idea is a journal sort of application that enables patients to include their own wellbeing records physically and share those records with the specialist before the appointment. This sort of solution enables the doctor to become familiar with a patient’s past health history and by remembering it, doctors can endorse medications or make a further move.

Truth be told, many blockchain developers have as of now delve further into this subject and thought of an answer for building up the best medicinal records application on blockchain innovation. You may also use this technology to develop healthcare applications.

Healthcare App

Take Google Fit application for instance. It is intended to naturally identify strolling, running and different wellness exercises you do. You can follow practically 120+ exercises with the application which makes it a one-stop answer for fitness geeks. The standard google-esque UI makes the experience engaging and simple.

3. Apps that Address Mental Health

Troubling way of life, melancholy, and stress are a portion of the regular dysfunctional behaviors, which influences in excess of 16 million adults in the USA, consistently. Depression is making lives confounded which a great deal of time prompts self-destructive propensities. It can occur at any age and gender. It is certainly not typical. Also, when the issue is this huge you should consider a social insurance application idea that can take dysfunctional behavior and depression.

Healthcare App

Emotional wellness checking applications can be extremely useful for individuals who are distant from everyone else and looking for assistance. One such prominent name is Anxiety mentor, which is a self-improvement application that assists with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. It gives the user a chance to stroll through a rundown of dreaded exercises and causes them to beat their dread, prompting a certain and effortless life. You can likewise design your day, track nervousness, and view the progress levels.

Another psychological well-being issue is lack of sleep. Changed lifestyle and troublesome eating patterns have effectively made us sleep-derived. Furthermore, extreme work pressure has modified sleeping patterns. You can dive into this territory to develop sleep-inducing applications that can enable the client to nod off. A ton of strategies can be utilized like relaxing music treatment alternative, a standard plan for sleep & rest within work, and so on. Chat with the healthcare app development company to build up a feature list for psychological well-being applications and start working on it.

4. Apps That Target Women’s Health

Women’s health is another significant statistic that medicinal app developers can concentrate on.

Successful applications tailor their ease of use and plan to their specific objective group of audience. Some applications also connect to the informational resources about women’s sexual health, frequently giving access to free or through various subscription or payment models.

Apps that Target Women Health

5. Appointment scheduling Apps

Appointment scheduling apps are quite simple & are generally developed for doctor’s advantages. Many of the medical practitioners & reputed doctors create their own appointment scheduling apps so that they get to know the availability & give an option to book the appointment.

Healthcare App

One of the other options is to make the social platform for doctors and patients where the patients can connect with doctors based on the health problem & ask for a consultation, book, or schedule a call for the individual’s home visit.

6. General Wellness and Health App:

General wellness and health apps are used mainly for individuals who suffer from a disease/ need to track their health with the help of tools such as heart rate tests, blood pressure tests, and measure diabetes. These type of health tracker applications who just need to record and track the health data at regular intervals.

So, these are the top 7 healthcare app ideas for 2020 that you can create for the best results and achieve great and sound health. Now, once you have the healthcare app idea, it’s time to create an app. However, before you start developing an app, there are certain things to keep in mind:

  • Who is the target audience?
  • What is your idea for developing the healthcare app?
  • Where are you planning to launch the healthcare app?
  • What pain areas are you covering?

Let’s understand each of these points more clearly:

  • Target audience: When developing a healthcare application, it is necessary to know the age of the target audience because you can target the health issues of that particular age group before developing an app so that you are able to develop exactly what the target audience needs.
  • Finalizing the healthcare app idea: Once you have the top 5 ideas for a healthcare app, the next step is to make the right move based on the need and budget. If you own a startup and have a small budget, you need to have the best idea, to begin with. For instance, you can just begin with a simple health tracker app and then put up some more features that are going to keep the users hooked.
  • The app location: Start by developing a health app in your home location. You can then expand the application overseas after you understand if you have trackers or not. This means, if you are developing an app for the US people, you need to understand how much of your app will be accepted by the users there, collect the data of the healthcare-related app individuals and then create accordingly.
  • Know the benefit that your app is going to provide to the users: First, you need to understand the user interface and see what the users are wanting with the healthcare app. Design the app feature list in such a way that it becomes the habit of the individuals.

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So, these are the points that you need to keep in mind when developing a healthcare app. These are the top 7 healthcare app ideas for 2020 that can help you in the long run.

Also, if you have to avoid all the confusion and create a flawless and amazing healthcare app as per your idea, you can connect with a top healthcare app development company to create an app for you as per your budget and requirements. You can discuss and explain to them the needs so that they create an amazing healthcare application for your business or personal use.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1- What Are the Benefits of Mobile Health Apps?

A1- Below are the advantages of Mobole Health Apps:

  • Add convenience.
  • Better communication and data collection.
  • Improved diagnostic accuracy.
  • Easy health monitoring.
  • Reduced expenses.

Q2- Where can I hire developers for mobile health apps?

A2- In this modern digital world, you can find almost everything online. You can search online to find developers for your mobile health app idea. Social media and Word of mouth also play an important role here.

Q3- What things should I keep in mind while hiring a healthcare mobile app developer?

A3- Following points you must remember before hiring developer for Mobile healthcare app:

  • Look for a developer who understands your business requirements.
  • Assess their clients and portfolio.
  • Up-to-date technologies.
  • Focus on consistent design and security.

Q4- What are the types of Healthcare Apps?

A4- List of Healthcare App Types:

  • Healthy Lifestyle Apps
  • Emergency Care Apps
  • Doctor Related Apps
  • Women’s Health Apps
  • General Hospital Apps
  • Medical/Diagnostic Assistant Apps

Q5- What are the important features of healthcare apps?

A5- Following are the Features of Healthcare Apps:

  • Simple, clear structure.
  • Good usability.
  • Search options and speed.
  • Flexibility.
  • Security.
  • Comply with needful regulations.