Every year, Google holds a conference for its developers, just to help them update their apps and make them up to the recent innovations. It usually starts on 7 May and ends on 9 May. Moreover, this event also discloses the information regarding what new Google is bringing with it!

This year’s I/O conference is done! Let’s dive into a list of announcements that Google made this year:

Google I/O 2019 Highlights for Mobile App Development Industry

A Less Expensive Pixel Mobile for People

Google is creating a cost-effective version of its smartphone. The organization is willing to expand its market by entering global markets where clients seek a top-level smartphone at a more reasonable price. 

The latest 5.6-inch Pixel 3a mobile has half the cost price of its former model. The new pixel will cost 399 dollars. And 6-inch Pixel 3a XL will cost 479 dollars. Furthermore, the normal higher-end Pixel gadgets start at 799 dollars.  

These upcoming mobile phones are basically the lower versions of Google’s present Pixel Mobile series and they do not promote any new feature. These new Pixel mobile phones have a look that is quite similar to the previous ones and their cameras also feature portrait and night mode. 

Google Assistant just got way more interesting

Google’s next-generation assistant processes requests at a faster speed. It helps users to speak commands more quickly without any speed-related issues. Also, its continued conversation feature helps users to speak more fluently. 

Now, there is no need to say ‘Hey Google’ at the start of every command. And this next-generation Google assistant is going to be available in the latest Pixel Mobiles in the last part of this year. 

Other than great speed, it also has a special feature called personal references that helps in customizing the Assistant. Moreover, new google assistant can be easily integrated with Waze and Google Maps. It is another interesting thing about the upcoming and updated Google assistant. 

Now you can easily access each kind of precise feature during navigation and later this year. It will be available on each mobile with Google assistant. 

Not only this, now you need not to say ‘Hey Google’ just to work with timers and alarms on Google home devices and google smart displays. Rather, you can just say ‘stop’ and wait for the gadget to accept your command.  

Android Q comes with New Updates

In this I/O 2019 conference, Google shared various updates regarding Android Q – Its next-generation mobile OS. It comes with a new dark mode that creates black backgrounds and white texts which are comfortable for battery life and eyes. 

Furthermore, Google will add some features in order to help the masses utilize gadgets less like a part of its digital wellbeing push introduced the previous year. 

As per Google, 90 percent of people who use its timers are still using apps less. Presently, Google is launching a Focus Mode that do not have distracting applications such as Youtube. 

This Android launch will put more attention on two important things- privacy and security. Also, it will have faster software updates and more settings to assist with this kind of issue in the background. 

New Nest Home Max

Google has collaborated with its Nest and smart home teams and now all smart home devices fall under the Nest brand. And the first new device that will be introduced under the Nest brand is the Nest Home Max.

Basically, it is a giant Google Home Hub with a 10inch display. Moreover, it has all the features from the Home hub and a few newer ones. For instance, you can use Hub Max’s camera as a home security camera and can stream live video in case you are not near to your Home.   

Furthermore, it has a new Face Match feature that recognizes every user if configured and personalizes the experience. Also, it has new gesture support that utilizes the concept of on-device machine learning techniques to recognize hand gestures so now you need not speak a word to control it. 

Google declared that Nest Hub Max will be launched this summer at the rate of 229 dollars. However, the original Home Hub which is now known as Nest Hub got a cut in its cost price. Now, Nest Hub has a reduced cost price of 129 dollars. 

New AI feature – Google Duplex 

It is a feature based on Artificial Intelligence techniques. It works as a virtual personal assistant. This service came in last year-end and has the capability to make actual phone calls to restaurants and do reservations for you. 

It easily integrates with Google assistant present in your mobile phone. Google Duplex can navigate through a website and can book a car for you. Not only this, it can know the trip date by looking at your Gmail and history.      

Android is now going Kotlin First

At this conference, Google declared Kotlin as one of the official programming languages for android app development at I/O 2019. Also, Google stated that it would make all its future android apps with Kotlin. 

Moreover, Google suggested to Java developers to migrate to Kotlin. It is being expected that IT outsourcing giants will soon hire mobile app developers from India to create android apps on Kotlin. 

Let’s Wrap Up:

Hence, this year comes Google brings several amazing features and technologies like Next Generation Google Assistant, Google Duplex, Less expensive Pixel Mobiles, and Nest Home Max. 

Moreover, Google also suggested Java developers use Kotlin. Hence, most app development companies are supposed to stick to this suggestion, resulting in kotlin based android app development.

What you find more interesting in the Google I/O announcement? Share your views in the comment box. And, do share the post with your family and friends so that they know about the latest updates of Google.