Magento is considered one of the best content management platform for eCommerce websites. Because of its inbuilt tools, extensions, and templates. Using Magento you can easily build a professionally engaging online store on the fly.

Indeed, offering products and services turn out to be super-simple with the Magento e-store. But for that, you should enhance the visibility of your image and urge individuals to purchase something from your e-store. So as to support the visibility of your site, you should actualize the best SEO practices to get higher positioning on Google and other search engine platforms.

But still, there is a number of site owners who commit normal errors while optimizing their sites to get better rank in search results. And these errors could negatively impact the positioning of your website on search engine results which affect your online sales.

So, through this article, we will come to know about those silliest SEO mistakes that each Magento web page owner should avoid while optimizing their sites.

1. Forgot To Change Default Meta Tags

Most of the Magento development companies and store owners, particularly amateurs, neglect to change the default meta tags of their site and after that endure in showing signs of improvement rankings on search engine result pages.

Utilizing default title tags and meta descriptions means they are not optimized for search engines – as there is no focus on a keyword in it. If you need to enhance your SEO positioning, ensure you include essential keyword phrases inside your title tags and meta descriptions.

2. Neglecting Alt Tags

Having an online store without SEO-optimized item pictures won’t enable you to get higher positioning on SERPs. There is no utilization of including beautiful, significant, and brilliant pictures if they are not optimized for search engines.

Since search engine crawlers can’t understand what your picture is about without you specifically letting them know, you have to compose applicable descriptions for every one of your pictures. In this way, if you haven’t included the alt label your pictures, at that point begin adding them to enhance the visibility of your pictures on Google and other search engine platforms.

3. Utilizing Non-Descriptive Urls

This is one of the greatest mix-ups while optimizing online stores for search engines. This is essential since it optimizes the URLs of your pages with the goal that search engine bots can read and index your site rapidly and effectively.

By including relevant keyword phrases into the URLs, you will have the capacity to index your web store easily. If you need to drive more web clients towards your store, ensure you make meaningful, connecting with, and search-engine friendly URLs.

Rather than utilizing non-descriptive URLs, (for example, including an item number), you should concentrate more on making applicable and easy to understand URLs like this if you offer easygoing pants for men. 

4. Disregarding The Arranging Server After Exchanging The Site To The Live Server

If you are as of now a Magento store owner, at that point you should know about the organizing server. It is utilized amid the advancement period of an online store to test the progressions you make. Since there is a hazard to testing changes on the live server, it is constantly better to utilize an arranging situation to distinguish changes and ad-lib before exchanging it to the live server. This likewise helps in decreasing the whole cost of conveying new code.

Include index/nofollow attributes by making the utilization of the meta tag before you start utilizing the organizing server. This will keep your site from getting indexed via search engine crawlers. This is an incredible method to constrain conceivable slip-ups that would happen later on.

5. Neglecting To Change The Robots.Txt File

The more significant part of the store owners neglects to change the robots.txt and meta robots mandates after the organizing stage. This limits Google and other search engine crawlers from indexing your web store for better SEO rankings.

To keep away from this mix-up, you should check your robots.txt file and meta robot orders that can be found in the <head> segment of each web page. Make a point to set them to INDEX, FOLLOW as a matter of course. You can likewise check the same by:

Getting to your System → Configuration → General → Design → HTML Head → Default robots.


Committing silly errors while making a web store on Magento won’t enable you to show signs of improvement positioning on Google and other search engine platforms. To get the majority of the eCommerce SEO crusade, you should address such slip-ups and settle them as quickly as time permits.

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