Are you planning to learn a programming language?

Well, “most popular” is a tricky claim to do!

With 600 programming languages in the market, the demand for each of them varies every year. Besides, new programming languages come up with attractive features, making your choice even more challenging.

If you are a professional developer or familiar with numerous languages, then it is easy for you to understand a niche, current one.

However, if you are beginning your programming career or desire to learn a coding language, then you should opt for one of the conventional and organized programming languages.

Today, I am going to list the programming languages by keeping the following criteria in mind:

  • Firmly established and mainstream in the software development domain.
  • Popularity is rising or steady and not distinctly decreasing.
  • Top-rated in the famous programming languages ranking sites.
  • Have a high demand in the job market and can get you a good salary.
  • Have a huge set of frameworks, libraries, and tooling support.

So, let’s get started without any further ado. However, before that here is the list of most popular languages in 2020.

Python most popular languages in 2020

Best Programming Languages You Should Learn Today

1. Python

Python 1

It’s a leading coding language, usually used in developing mobile apps, desktop GUIs, examining and computing numeric and scientific data, and software development. Being a popular language, Python is taught at colleges and school level, since it has some applications in real life. The key philosophies of Python are:

  • Beautiful is better than ugly
  • Simple is better than complex
  • Readability counts

If there is any language, you should learn about app development then it should be Python. This is because the language is easy to comprehend. You can use python for creating the Android, as well as desktop apps from scratch.

Want to know how powerful it is? Dropbox is developed in Python. Doesn’t sound encouraging? Here is the list of other apps developed using Python:

  • Quora
  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • Calibre
  • Ubuntu Software Center
  • BitTorrent
  • Words of Tanks (a game)
  • Spotify
  • OpenStack, etc.

With Python, it is possible to create any type of mobile app. These are its key features:

  • Object-oriented language
  • Easy-to-learn and grab
  • Scalable
  • Supports GUI applications
  • Runs on Windows, Unix, Linux, and Mac

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Job Market

As per Indeed, Python is one of the most demanding programming languages in the United States job market. It has a 74K job posting in January 2020. Besides, Python ranked the third position with a $120K annual salary.

Job Market of Python

Image Source: Indeed


According to the survey of StackOverflow developer, Python programmers earn a high salary with comparatively low experience as opposed to other recognized programming languages:

Python Salary

Image Source: StackOverflow

2. Java- Robust Programming Language

According to VersionEye, developers finish most projects in Java followed by Ruby. Moreover, as per PYPL popularity, it is the most searched coding language on Google worldwide currently. The popularity of Java has decreased within the last few years; however, it is still on the list of popular programming languages, as per TIOBE.

Java stats

Image Source: TIOBE

The other famous programming language rating site, PYPL, has positioned Java as 2nd most preferred programming language:

famous programming language rating site PYPL

Image Source: PYPL

The operating system of Android is written in Java, hence if you learn Java, creating Android apps would be an easy task for you. This will ultimately put you in the driving seat since you will be able to control the future of app technology. Here, are some apps created using Java:

  • ThinkFree cloud office
  • Blu-ray Disc Association
  • UltraMixer
  • NASA world wind

Java is also one of the appropriate languages for mobile app and web development because it runs on different platforms. This language is used in the development of Android, web, scientific, and server apps.

Apart from this, Java can be used in Big data technology, Websites, Games, and Embedded space. What makes the language popular are its key features as mentioned:

  • Object-oriented language
  • Runs on all the platform
  • Easy-to-learn and read
  • Contains several open-source libraries
  • Powerful IDEs results in easy and error-free coding

Job Market

As per Indeed, Java is the 2nd most preferred programming language in the United States. It has 69K Job postings in January 2020.  Besides, Java programmers earn the sixth-highest yearly salary of $104K.

Job Market of Java

Image Source: Indeed


According to StackOverflow Developers study 2019, Java gives a decent salary once you gain some other years of experience:

Java Salary

Image Source: StackOverflow

3. JavaScript

JavaScript rests at the essence of the World Wide Web (WWW) among three of the core languages (the other two were CSS and HTML) that allow the functioning of web pages.

TIOBE, a reputed programming language website, has positioned JavaScript as the seventh most famous language:


It is utilized to build responsive components on web pages that comprise games, animations, video players, or menus. JavaScript strengths that front end of a web page. Yet apps of JavaScript aren’t limited to that.

There are a lot of libraries and frameworks available for Javascript that are well-recognized among web developers like React, Meteor, Angular, Vue, and more. Key features of JavaScript:

  • Light-weighted, interpreted, and object-oriented programming.
  • Used for both client-side and server-side programming.
  • Yearly updates.
  • Support multiple programming languages.
  • 629K+ repositories on Github.

Job Market

In the United States Job market, JavaScript has been ranked as the third most popular programming language by Indeed. It has a 57K job post in January 2020. With a $114K standard annual salary, JavaScript positions 4th in terms of salary:

JS Job Market

Image Source: Indeed

Besides, StackOverflow programmer report has displayed that JavaScript programmers can earn a nice salary with comparatively low experience:

JS Salary

Image Source: StackOverflow

4. C#

Introduced by Microsoft, C# is amazing for those who are drawn to GUI development. C# is used notably in gaming console development and is the programming language for the .Net framework. TIOBE has ranked C# 5th in January 2020 with enormous gain:

C# is amazing

For those who wish to work in MS Development Environment, it is the best option. Some of the key features of this programming language are:

  • Support single-page applications.
  • Robust language for any OS.
  • Compatible for Object-Oriented Programming features.
  • It has strong typing.

It is quite a famous programming language utilized in game development, web development, and Windows apps. C# has a whole set of libraries, making compilation and execution of the program fast. Here are a few apps that have been developed upon C#:

  • Google Applications
  • Adobe Systems
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • Thunderbird


StackOverflow developer study has put C# above Java in terms of worldwide average salary:

C# Salary

Image Source: StackOverflow

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5. PHP

Hypertext Pre-processor (PHP), a server-side scripting open-source language, was designed by Zend technologies in 1995. The language is developed for websites, however, can be used for the development of iOS and Android apps too.

Once you learn PHP, you will be able to create dynamic websites, different types of mobile apps, and web applications. Popular websites designed using PHP are:

  • Facebook
  • Flickr
  • Tumblr
  • Wikipedia
  • Yahoo, etc.

PHP coding language is simple to use for the development of several things, such as creating GUI, Facebook apps, e-commerce websites, WordPress plug-in development, and many more. These are its key features:

  • Server compatibility
  • Open-source
  • Uses procedural, and object-oriented
  • Easy-to-learn
  • Independent of platform
  • Simple database integration
  • Numerous applications and uses

The programming language ranking website TIOBE has rated PHP as the 8th most widespread programming language in 2020. Though the long term ranking records of PHP displays that PHP is past its prime and gradually dropping its appeal:

PHP stats

Job Market

Job Search website Indeed has positioned PHP language as the 7th most critical coding language in the United States job market with 18K jobs in January 2020.

Besides, PHP programmers can anticipate a consistent salary ($90 K), which puts them in the tenth place in this section:

Job Market PHP

StackOverflow developer study mentions that PHP is the lowest-paid coding language in 2019:

PHP Salary

Image Source: StackOverflow

6. C++

It is a programming language, which is object-oriented. C++ is an extension of C and has syntax from C. The advantage of this is that if you know how to use the C language, it won’t be tough using C++.

C++ is the 2nd oldest coding language on this list. It has secured 4th rank in the TIOBE:

C++ Stats

Moreover, C++ is a comprehensive edition of the C program. From manufacturing to banking, numerous industries are using this programming language and the highest paying programming language. It is used in the development of applications for iOS, Android, and Windows. The language has also been used by mobile app development companies to develop tools such as:

  • PayPal
  • Google Chrome
  • Amazon
  • Photoshop
  • Word of Warcraft, etc.

Besides, C++ is amongst one of the powerful languages and has multiple features as stated below:

  • Object-oriented
  • Easy to use and efficient
  • Quite fast and has a huge library


StackOverflow developer report has displayed that C++ programmers can carry a higher salary as opposed to Java, though with a more experience

Take Away

Well, that is all from my end! The list of popular programming languages is long, and eventually, it is you who need to choose which language interests you the most.

More crucially, ensure to possess excellent control over a programming language that you pick.

Martin Fowler said once, “Any fool can write code that a computer can understand. Good programmers write code that humans can understand.”

So, don’t be in a rush!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Is coding still relevant in 2025?

Without any doubt! It will not only be applicable in the upcoming years but will become more prominent than today. Nevertheless, their syntax will continue to become simpler.

Q2. What are 7 predictions for the future of programming?

  • IoT security is going to get scarier.
  • The video will rule the web.
  • ML will become the new common feature.
  • Consoles will resume replacing PCs.
  • Data will remain the king.
  • Autonomous transportation is here to stay.
  • UI design is going to get more complex as PCs proceed to fade.

Q3. Can AI replace coders?

No! Artificial Intelligence cannot replace programmers. However, AI may write code in the upcoming era. Even if the technology can do so, it would be difficult for it to interpret the business value, as well as advising you what to build first.