As a matter of fact, gamification in health care industry has turned out to be a blessing, which brings medical education closer to all of us through technology. These apps are not only designed to educate the audience, but also improvise the level of their interest in the medical arena due to their entertainment factor. In other words, they let the patients become more aware about their health, so that they can make better decisions for their medicines, diet and exercise. There are a lot of medical apps available in the market that are used by patients to monitor their fitness regimes and health conditions. And, they can be downloaded/used through various resources such as CDs/DVDs, online media, mobile phone, video game consoles, etc. Here are the top 5 apps that are contributing in the health care industry by saving and improving the lives of millions:




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This application is designed by an organization, namely “Ayogo”, with an objective of empowering the lifestyle of its users. It helps patients to maintain their dietary habits as per their medical conditions. This application has also been supported by Joslin Diabetes Center (Harvard Medical School), Sanofti Aventis (Body imaging center at the Keck School of Medicine) and Diabetes Hands Foundation. Through his application, patients can view notifications pertaining to their medicines, daily exercise and other preventive measures for their health.


Respond Well Rehab Platform


Respond Well, a renowned organization in the field of physical therapy, has come up with yet another application in the market of medical apps. This application is designed for the patients of physical therapy, which helps them keep a track on their daily rehab exercises. Its motion sensor feature is extremely helpful to monitor their physical activities and count repetitions of exercise. This application facilitates patients to opt for their virtual animated trainer along with their desired music and 3D environment. It is connected with the cloud technology, and lets the patient share his/her medical information with the respective doctor too.




Inception of this application was a real good news for patients, who were suspecting that they were suffering from a disease, namely Alzheimer. Alzheimer causes memory loss, which can be severe at times. Thus, this application is developed with a purpose of detecting this disease at an early stage. It includes some graphical tasks for memory as well as focus evaluation; and, the patient is required to tap or tilt his/her device as per the situation. Right after the completion of tasks, the patient’s performance data is measured against its preset guidelines, and the result is displayed.


Free Dive Pediatric Pain Management


This application is developed on a 3D framework, based on the virtual adventures to help patients forget their pediatric pain. It is specifically designed for children, which lets them virtually swim in the sea with turtles to find hidden treasures. The motive of this application is to keep the kids happy by distracting them from painful medical procedures, they are going through.


Asthma Hero


Asthma can be a deadly disease, if a patient is ignorant about it. Thus, It is essential to take medicines at the right time, to stay healthy. This application works as a life saver for asthma patients. It is connected to a bluetooth sensor, which is attached with an inhaler and a strap to relieve the patient from asthma attack. It enables patients to monitor their daily medicine intake, so that they can get rid of any sudden physical problem. Patients can also set the reminder notifications for their medications as per the doctor’s advise.

These apps are indeed very helping people all over the world by simplifying preventive care, diagnosis and treatment.