Each iPhone 6 accompanies Apple’s new iOS 8 cell-phone working system pre-installed, which is fit for some extraordinary characteristics like, widgets, app extensions and some cool graphics.

Apple has released a huge collection of applications that highlight iOS 8’s new capabilities, and we’ve picked our top choices that show simply what your new iPhone 6 can do.


Storehouse is a staggering social networking application that gives you a chance to transform your photographs and features into delightful stories. Initially for the ipad, Storehouse is presently accessible for the iphone, and stunningly better as well. It has now been improved for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus so your content looks significantly better.


Twitterrific 5

While Tweetbot is marvellously capable, Twit-terrific has an unparalleled feeling of design, with excellent subjects, typography and a softness of touch that works flawlessly with Apple’s bigger iPhones. Twit-terrific has live streaming, listing services, gestural controls, separating and quieting, course of events sync, and that’s just the beginning. It’s additionally a free download, with some reasonable IAP accessible to individuals who need flash messages and no advertisements.

Transmit iOS

Before now, management of files on iOS was a real agony, and excessively dependent on Dropbox. Earlier numerous applications coordinated with it Dropbox to some degree. With extensible share sheets on iOS 8, notwithstanding, the whole OS has opened up more than ever. Transmit brings the smarts from Panic’s OS X application to the iPhone, unites it with a wonderful and insignificant interface, furthermore makes utilization of the iPhone 6 Plus in scene by providing for you a double sheet view. SFTP Webdav, FTP, and S3 are upheld, providing for you the capability to utilize good applications to make your virtual distributed storage in seconds.


As though Pinterest clients required their most loved application to turn into any more addictive, the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus variant makes sticking perpetually fun. The application’s bigger illustrations and cleaner pictures will make you immediately overlook you’re even on an iPhone regardless. Safari clients can stick inside the program by simply basically hitting the share catch while utilizing iOS 8.

Sky Guide

In terms of stargazing with an iphone, Star Walk 2 is most likely the best iOS application, with its increased reality mode, 3d models and slew of information. Be that as it may, we’ve generally had a weakness for Sky Guide’s excellence and tastefulness, and with this redesign it included backing for Apple’s new iPhones as well as a helpful today notification centre gadget with ascent/set times for moon, planets and sun.

Presently when you’ve got your iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus in your grasp, you’ll likely need to load up on the best applications that exploit the bigger screen land. While all App Store applications take a shot at the 6 and 6 Plus on account of scaling, we all realize that the ones that are advanced looking, load better. That is the reason we’ve done the messy work for you keeping in mind the end goal to discover the ones we think look astonishing on the new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.