Apple’s recently unveiled iOS 8 has come up strongly by overcoming the issues of iOS 7, which were related to low contrast elements and unimpressive design architecture. The new iOS is designed to make your computing simpler and faster than ever before. It also makes you explore various features including iCloud Photo Library, new messaging app, QuickType keyboard, an impressive Health app and much more. iOS 8 is a blessing for developers too, as it offers them with additional tools to develop new apps with ease. Let’s take a quick look on some of its top features:

ios 8

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Design Interface and Notifications

The iOS 8 has come up with a huge number of advancements. Unlike iOS 7′s unappealing user interface, iOS 8 is crafted to deliver clear and better graphics for the user, which makes navigation simplified. It lets you view thumbnail images of your frequent contacts, which makes communication quicker. By tapping your desired thumbnail, you are all set to call, message, or email the respective person. If you need to reply to a message, then you can reply it right from the home screen. In addition, if you are not looking to reply to any message,  you can just swipe to ignore.

An Intelligent Health App

There are numerous health care applications available in the market, which can be used to monitor the level of your fitness. Visiting different applications may confuse the user at times, but it is not the case with Apple’s “Healthkit” app. This elegantly designed app is an amazing tool to keep its users healthy. With your permission, it collects the details from all of your fitness devices or applications, and saves the statistics on its centralized interface. It lets you share your medical information with your doctors or trainers, which can be extremely useful.  If a patient monitors his/her diabetes level, then this application can measure the reading as per medical standards, and inform the doctor, if required. HealthKit has been designed in partnership with Mayo Clinic and Epic Systems.


This application works similar to other fitness apps. It lets your smart home devices to get connected with each other. Apple Inc. designed ‘HomeKit’ app to help the user have control on all of their devices without opening different apps for operating them. You can group your devices, and control them using ‘Siri’ feature without any hassle. For instance, if you say ”I want to sleep”, the lights will be closed, and your room’s temperature will be adjusted accordingly.

Touch ID and Smooth E-mail Integration

IOS 8 has an all new Touch ID feature, which is not limited to iOS apps anymore. Hence, you can use Touch ID with third party apps including Facebook, Twitter, etc. If we talk about emailing; be it flagging, deleting or composing your emails, you can perform anything with a couple of swipes. The new email framework enables you to add events from your email, which is extremely convenient. Additionally, its group messaging feature allows you to establish quick communication with multiple contacts at once, and helps you share photos or videos within no time.