There is no shortage of new devices and electronic products which are released on a regular basis. When something new comes out, there’s no doubt about it that another company is in the works to develop a “better, upgraded version” of it. With this in mind, there are quite a few great wireless devices already out there. So, what are the Top 10 wireless home products you can invest in right now? Consider a few of these if you are a pioneer, and always need to have the best and the latest items out there.

1. Speaker –
Not just any speaker of course. Items like the Amazon echo and echo hub (mini) are all the rave today. Need the weather, just ask. Want to know what traffic commuters are like find out. If you simply want to play your favourite tunes when you wake up, just talk to Alexa and she’ll do the hard work for you.

2. Smart hub –
Just as the name implies, this is a smart, central hub system for your home. It monitors temperature, motion in the home, can control devices wirelessly with your smart devices. Turn off the stove, open the electric blinds, turn off running sprinklers. Make your home more efficient than ever before, and do so with this great system.

3. Ultimate home –
The Harmony Ultimate home by Logitech is another great innovative system. It is the ultimate universal remote for your home. Keep an eye on your security system, monitoring temperatures is easy in the home, keeping your home as efficient as possible, can be done with your handheld devices or smart phone. You can control it anywhere, and have full control of the home, even when you are not there.

4. Surveillance –
No good home can go without it. The piper nv by Amazon is one great system to consider. Keep an eye on the kids, the pets, and with digital pan, tilt, and night vision built right in, your home is always protected, no matter what potential threats may be lurking around (when you are there or not).

5. Nest cam –
The outdoor version is similar to the indoor, only it is water and weather proof. Monitor the home’s perimeter, motion alerts, audio alerts, and full pan tilting systems, give you a wide range of what is going on in and outside the home. Plus, you don’t have to be nearby to have a monitor threat alert, in the event danger may be lurking outside.

6. Locks –
Who knew a smart lock would be a must have item for smart homes? With these intuitive devices they surely are. It mounts over the existing deadbolt on your doors, it speaks to you via bluetooth. You can use voice control to look and unlock the doors, place security barriers in place, password protection systems, and so much more. The Apple home kit is just one of the many great systems out there today.

7. Vivint sky –
The apx alarm system is truly a must have for the individual who loves cool electronics. You do pay a subscription for the remote system, but you can control it with your Amazon echo, keep full tabs on what is going on in the home, monitor the kids, the home’s exterior, and auto-shut off or on different electronics at home as well.

8. Nest –
The learning thermostat of course. Yes,, it learns your patterns. The wireless system allows you to set temperature based on when you are there and aren’t. Not only does it learn sleep patterns and which time of the day you like certain temperatures, it is also going to help keep bills down over time as well.

9. Hue Bulbs –
These bulbs by Philips are not only efficient, but are pretty cool to have in the home as well .You control intensity and colour options of the bulb. You can control via smart devices, dim lights, and use voice commands to change lighting tone, hues, and colour options as well. If you are interested in some wireless bulbs then Dewired is a good place to look at some reviews.

10. Digital electric smoker –
For the cooking enthusiast, this item by Charbroil is another great option. You control temperature remotely using smart phones, so it will tell you when your food is ready. Simply tell it what you are cooking, and desired temperature , and it does the rest for you.