The web is loaded with almost thousands of tools and apps that the software developers can make use but the big question that keeps haunting the developers is ‘which tool is best suited to their purpose?’

With so many options to choose from it will be a mere waste of time to test and try each of them and not all apps are free of charge. So, wasting money and time is not a viable option for many. You certainly should check on devops training as it too is a boon to software developers.

Keeping that in mind, here we have listed down the top 10 tools that aid the developers and prove to be a boon for them by simplifying their tasks. The tools are quite important in the software product development task and also help in increasing the efficiency and the productivity of the software developing team.

  1. Docker

The best software containerisation platform, Docker helps you to organize the applications or software in a systematic manner. The containers can be moved and used everywhere irrespective of the environment you are using.

The containers are more efficient and user-friendly and can run on any computer. Docker lets you integrate the tasks of the system developers and admins by creating a common framework.

  1. Slack

One of the widely used apps for team communication. The best feature of the app is that it can be used anywhere and everywhere. The Slack app lets you create individual groups for each team, project or task and also, the company as a whole and reduces the task of sending and receiving emails to a considerable level. At the same time, it provides you with an option of sending a personal message to any individual of any team.

  1. Jira

Jira is specially created for the Agile world and has become a lifeline for the Agile users. It helps the Agile teams to plan, search and release software. Its best feature is that it is customizable and loaded with tools and features for every phase of the development. It has proven to be a blessing for the entire project management process by helping in framing the guidelines, keeping a check on the work in progress and also in generating reports.

  1. Youtube

Who isn’t aware of Youtube these days with almost everyone using it for multiple reasons, be it personal or professional? This tool doesn’t require much listing and description. It is a great platform when you want to learn further on the topic you are currently working on, with tutorials and in-depth know-how related to it.

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  1. Stack Overflow

It has become the Holy Bible of the programmers. Stack Overflow is the question and answer site with a host of programmers using it regularly. It is the best platform where you can get the answers to your queries and tips and hacks on doing some tasks where you are stuck on and much more.

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  1. Sublime Text

Sublime Text is a text editor for source code with a brilliant user interface. The tool comes with multiple shortcuts that let you jump between the lines and also to different pages easily. With the multiple selection options, you can change multiple lines, all at once. Also, jumping between projects has been made easy with this tool. The tool saves you time allowing you to search for what you are looking for instead of leafing through multiple menus.

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  1. Confluence

Confluence is one of the best software for team collaboration. Its best feature is that it helps in creating the projects easily and also, allows everyone from the team to contribute to it. Everyone stays up-to-date with the availability of company details and other data.

  1. Git

Git is an open sourced control system for the software projects. A developer keeps making changes to the code of the software until the last stage of the project. Git saves all the changes that have been made so that others also can collaborate and contribute to the project. There is a copy of codes of made available to all developers. It helps you in synchronizing the teams and allows in enhancing the teamwork.

  1. Feedly

Feedly is software that allows you to read the feeds that interest you and also, relate to it, at one place. It is user-friendly and has minimal designs that make it easy to access the feeds. It helps you in organizing your favorite feeds, publications, blogs, Youtube videos and so on in one place with its personalized user interface feature.

  1. IntelliJ

It is an Integrated Development Environment that integrated all the tools required to develop any software. IntelliJ has a compiler, code editor, debugger and so on. It has an auto-completion feature and is extremely user-friendly.  It allows you easy navigation through the codes, detects errors and provides quick fixes for them.

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