A website is the face of a business for online customers. It is imperative for small business owners to create websites that represent their businesses perfectly and can attract potential customers at an affordable cost or no cost at all. The website design and development process might conjure up images of technical experts creating perplexing codes and designs in your mind. However, the new breed of free online ‘Do It Yourself’ website builders has changed the online marketing scenario. These easy-to-use builders require no coding or technical expertise to create a stunning and professional business website. They offer amazing features like industry-specific designs, content, images, SEO, free hosting, monitoring etc. that help build a world-class website in just a few steps. Here’s a list of the top 10 free DIY website builders:

1. Web Start Today

Web Start Today has an intuitive and user-friendly website builder that creates amazing professional websites. It offers an enormous website design gallery that has designs for more than 70 verticals in various color themes so that you can choose the one that perfectly matches your brand personality and positioning. These templates are pre-populated not only with relevant images but with search-engine-friendly content that is specific to your business type. No other site builder offers that breadth and depth of content for each industry. You can customize your website effortlessly and enhance it with varied multimedia like image galleries, streaming audio, maps and high-quality videos. In addition you get 24/7 monitored hosting and unlimited web storage. This website builder definitely scores above the rest.

2. Wix

Wix offers quite easy customization and delivers good results. It has some exciting features like assorted design templates, hosting, customer support, SEO, tutorials etc. that make it a good option to consider. It provides free content, galleries and advanced HTML5 technology to create your dream website. This builder is quite popular because of its easy customization feature, however the free websites come with limited bandwidth.

3. Weebly

Weebly has been around for quite a while and offers comfortable customization features to users including various design templates, multimedia features, photo galleries, support, hosting etc. The only problem with creating a free website using their builder is that they offer small storage space.

4. Webs

Like other builders, Webs also has an easy and instinctive user interface. It allows creation of complex websites with ease and offers all the features that are required to create a suitable business website.

5. Moonfruit

Moonfruit has been in the field for long and offers some beautiful design templates and interesting features. However, it still creates websites in flash while other builders have moved on to HTML. This makes using the interface a little arduous. It has various advanced options for technical users to customize their website in terms of in-depth styling etc.

6. Yola

Yola doesn’t require any technical expertise and is fairly simple and easy-to-use. Though, the interface can become a little confusing at times. The best part is that it offers a very good SEO package and a host of other features making it a popular website builder.

7. Jimdo

Jimdo again offers the same features as other builders but has rather basic design templates. Changing the layout of the template is a bit complicated but it allows you to make a lot of other style changes to your website.

8. Webnode

Webnode has a quick and easy website builder and comes with a range of widgets that can make your website more interesting. But, it lacks in offering big storage space and bandwidth.

9. Google Sites

Google has also ventured into offering free websites through its Google Sites website builder. It is quite interesting, as it integrates all Google user accounts into your website and also offers settings for sharing information. Its advantage is that you can easily use applications like Google Docs, Google Calendar, Picasa, YouTube etc. to create content on your website.

10. DoodleKit

DoodleKit’s website builder doesn’t have any time limits for the trial period and is relatively easy-to-use. It offers advanced security settings apart from all the other basic features and anyone can easily create a simple website using this builder.