With great attention to detail and to numbers being required, people who work in the finance industry are always busy. However, they also need to be updated with the current trends in the market in order to constantly bring innovations in their chosen field. 

That may sound difficult at first, but with today’s technology, the busiest people in the finance industry can already keep themselves abreast with the latest news on finance through the use of the Smartphones. 

You might have already come across a common list, but what is featured here is an extensive one spanning across different sections of finance. Go over this list of apps that can give you the latest news and developments in the world of finance.

1. Google Finance

This app enables you to get real-time quotes of stocks and charts, get the latest financial news, perform currency conversions, and even manage your own portfolio through synchronization. The simplicity of the application is loved by many, however, most users agree that the Google Finance app is in dire need of an update. It gets an average rating of 3.6 out of 5.

2. Binary Options Strategy

Made by Rōnin Media, this app is now also conquering the Android Market with its premium contents such as Daily Markets and Analysis Premium. It also has sections that users in the finance market may find useful such as: Daily Featured Articles, Binary options Brokers Reviews, and Education and Strategy. Yet some sections need to be updated such as the Analysis and News. You can see their Twitter feeds here, though. Got a rating of 3.3.

3. StockTwits

StockTwits is the kind of app that you can use for tracking your stocks with real-time quotes. Real stock prices are also featured here, such as those coming from NYSE and NASDAQ. Aside from discovering new trending stocks, you can also follow investors, companies, and send tweets, Facebook messages, and LinkedIN ideas through the app. This proves to be the most useful one if you’re into stocks. Current version gets a rating of 5.

4. Opteck online trading platform

When you are on the move but still wants to trade, you can try out Opteck for yourself. This app enables you to earn money in a simple way. You can start investing now and earn up to 85% in an hour. It promises to bring the market to your fingertips, knowing the importance of a 24/7 monitoring on financial markets. Gets the rating of perfect 5.

5. Thomson Reuters Market Board

Thomson Reuters Market Board enables finance professionals, enthusiasts, and even students get access to a plethora of news, events, and market research papers. It also gives you the capacity to track the market activity of the companies you follow. It features of its “virtual briefcase” where you can access your saved documents even when working offline. Users absolutely loved it. Got a rating of 5 as well.

6. anyoption – binary options

Being the first to offer binary options trading on mobile, anyoption™  offers real time trading without requiring a prior experience with it. Using this app enables you to trade binary options to 120 markets 24 hours, seven days a week. Most users loved this app through because it is easy to use and the praiseworthy user interface. But the most loved is the no-experience-needed thing. Scored 4.5 out of 5.

7. CNBC Real-Time

With CNBC right on your Smartphones and tablets, you can now have access to real-time quotes at extended market hours (that is, between 4 am to 8 pm). What is even better is that these quotes are delivered to you directly from NYSE, NASDAQ, and Real-Time Historical Interactive Charts. Current version is rated 4.5.

8. Bloomberg for Smartphone

Like the one they offer on TV, this app gives you fresh comprehensive news about the market and presents you easily understandable charts and graphs that you need to keep updated. It also offers portfolio tracking tools. Some users warn of some miscalculation tendencies when it comes to the holding value of equity. Rating of 4.2.

9. FOREXTrader by FOREX.com

Using the FOREXTrader finance app will give you the same benefit as using FOREX.com. You can place trades, manage positions, get news, access the FOREX.com research, and even participate in live chat. Available services, however, are restricted due to residency. Rated 3.6 by users out of 5.

10. FOX Business

Accessing the financial news throughout the day could never be easier with FOX Business app. You can also watch financial videos and live TV Broadcast for Fox Business Network. You can also monitor your investments through My Stocks and Fox Business Ticker through this app.