As an echo of the new upsurge of humans who adhere to the consumerist lifestyle traverses the globe, the task for the long-established help-desk service system seems to be getting arduous with every passing moment. The consumers are rising in number and so are new businesses to cater to the needs of these consumers. Although with the IT help-desk services and IT help-desk open source software the problem of making available personnel with extensive technical knowledge to assist the aggrieved customer seems not such a herculean task for companies, not even for start ups. Getting a business up and running takes more guts than it takes the necessary financial support. The primary focus for a new business shall always be on building new customer relations and gaining the loyalty of the customer. And this happens when you lend an attentive ear to your consumer’s complaints. Customer relationship management software in this background can thus help a new business transform its customers into happy customers. Here are a few ways of starting up a new business and certain tips for these start-ups to make their customer a happy customer.

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Write a Business Plan

This seems like a simple enough task but here is where it all begins. Once it has been figured what the business is going to be about, the rest is then just a journey of gathering support and knowledge related to this particular plan. This first step defines your entire journey and the obstacles that you are likely to face on the way to making this plan a reality. Not to mention that this would immensely help you to figure out your target audience for customer services and the technical expertise that they would have to maintain at hand to redress customer complaints.

Getting Assistance and Training

Face it, the sooner you admit that you are a beginner and might not be aware of every aspect of your venture the closer you get to achieving your goal. It always pays to be receptive and humble. Getting free assistance and training is like investing in the business, only this time the asset being created is you. And this obviously would help you to interact in a more professional manner with your customer. Training provides you with likely scenarios that you might face in the near future and having that first hand experience in dealing with the consumer in that identical environment that has been intentionally set up for you in the assistance phase will greatly add to your skill of handling customers.

Choosing a Location

The location of your business depends on the nature of your business. Of course if you are dealing in physical goods you need to be very much accessible to the customer. However if you are engaged in intangible goods and services e.g. IT help-desk services then it does not necessarily need to be in an easily reachable place. That kind of business must set priority on a place where it has good and uninterrupted access to the internet and general telecommunication infrastructure.


Bank loans are the traditional way of raising money for your venture but the new and widely popular crowd-funding method is also not too bad. Actually it might be even better considering you are advertising and generating money for your business at the same time, plus you get proof of your concept and that reinforces your belief in your business venture. Also it might be much easier to get loan from friends, relatives and individuals with whom you have an ongoing relationship than from banks.

Deciding on the Structure of Your Business

After all the above has been dealt with; you need to carefully think over what kind of working structure would be best for your business. Whether it would be a partnership or a sole proprietorship or a family business, whether you would be working for profit or you would be a non-profit organization. The legalities of the business also need to be worked out; people, their respective positions in the business need to be marked out and clearly defined such that each and every employee is unmistakably aware of his duties in the workplace. This will help in saving time and making quick and efficient business decisions that will ultimately translate into a satisfied and happy customers.

Taxes and Remuneration

Many forget to mention this aspect of the business. But knowing beforehand, about your tax liabilities and the amount of remuneration that is to be provided to your employees is a vital responsibility of the business and its entrepreneur.

Customer Services

Last but obviously not the least, the company exists for the consumers, it exists to cater to their needs. A dedicated IT help-desk service is what gives a business the cutting edge in the aggressive market and for new business ventures these are freely available on the internet.

Having said the above, it would not be such a trite observation to make that you as an entrepreneur as a private individual and your personal attitude towards life is what will determine the ultimate outcome of your business as it would be in fact your gig to run. No advice from any individual out there can beat your own experience, negative or otherwise when it comes to running your firm independently. Setting your priorities straight in a quick and efficient manner does the trick most of the times but you might come face to face with situations that demand patience and total dedication from you and when the time comes you must not shy away from committing yourself to the business and that moment that will define the way that your business shall be talked about and viewed by your business clients and other customers in the near future. And amidst all this it wouldn’t be such an overused observation that one should like to float and i.e. of lending a good ear to your customer and convincing him of the value that your product or service will add to his business, personal or otherwise.