I guess that is the question nowadays, ain’t it?
While I love my PlayStation 3, without a console to show during the premiere of the PlayStation 4, I am having doubts whether I’d want to purchase Sony’s newest console. On the other hand, Microsoft’s Xbox One was unveiled in all its glory. Completely shiny and black, the Xbox One was supposedly the console that will forever change the gaming industry.

I’ve pretty much heard this from before.

While the Xbox One premiere did feature the console, where are the games? The PlayStation 4 debut showed some of the games that can be played with the new console and I think that’s a whole lot better, as of now I have an idea on what I want to buy? Should I have the time (more like the money) to get a PS4? But with a no-show on the Xbox One’s list of games, that’s gotta be bad news for the Xbox fans.

Well, to be fair, the Xbox One does look very interesting. Here are some of the awesome features of this sleek console:

An All-New Kinect

Kinect fans will surely love the Xbox One because of the all-new Kinect. It’s now a part of the Xbox console and is re-engineered to make it more sensitive to movements. Developers from Microsoft are also introducing the Kinect Real Vision, which really expands the Kinect’s line of sight. If you want to move further away from the screen, then you can now do so without any problem.

Of course, we all have to check whether this is indeed true or not. As for me, If ever I’d go out to buy an Xbox One and feel disappointed in the end, I’d be wearing a custom t-shirt with the words “NOT WORTH IT.” That probably sums up my entire feelings, thank you very much.

SmartGlass and Skype

Well, I guess the thing that makes the Xbox One amazing is because of a newly integrated browser, the addition of Skype as one of the console’s messaging system and the SmartGlass. The SmartGlass transforms your mobile phone or tablet into a second screen and it interacts with your Xbox One. That’s one way to enjoy Internet surfing and multimedia stuff while pausing your game. Also, you can switch the screen from your games to your Internet browser.

Cheaper than the 360

What makes the Xbox One interesting is that it’s going to be cheaper compared to its predecessors. Really now? I guess this is some sort of reward or treat from Microsoft towards its fans because of their successful reign in the world of 6th generation consoles. Back then, the Xbox 360 opened up at $399, which is quite expensive for a console. It does make sense to start the Xbox One at a lower price, but without a specific figure, then most gamers would look at it with a grain of salt.

Redesigned Controllers

The Xbox 360 controllers were quite comfortable but too bulky in my taste. I’ve always liked the Sony PlayStation controllers since then. Sadly, Xbox One’s controllers are still the same; except that the round “Start-Up” button is now placed in the upper portion of the controller. Microsoft does promise better hand grip with the new controller, so I guess we’ll see if it does live up to the challenge.

While it still remains a bit too early to know whether the Xbox One is indeed worth my time and money, it’s always great to start reading early reviews for your knowledge.