The BlackBerry Q10 and BlackBerry Z10 are two smartphones that have been released in the first quarter of 2013. They are expected to make the company a comeback in a big way, and you can purchase either and enjoy what is being called as a whole new operating system. The Q10 and Z10 are a few Bell mobile phones and BlackBerry 10 largely revolves around a series of gestures that continuously take you forward. With your new smartphone, you can enjoy using some of the top social apps to keep in the loop with your friends and family members.

#7. BlackBerry Messenger

BlackBerry Messenger is a free messenger app that allows users to enjoy text messaging for free over a Wi-Fi or data connection. You can text with anyone else who is a fellow BlackBerry user, no matter where their location, even if they are international. It allows people to conserve their text messages if they are running low, and in some cases, you can forego a text bundle if you regularly text with other BlackBerry users.

#6. Facebook

Facebook is widely considered the top social networking website in the world. The app is one of the most popular in the category for the new BlackBerry 10 and allows you to update your Facebook page with a new status update, perform a check in, read and comment on your friends’ updates and post photos right from your phone.

#5. WhatsApp Messenger

WhatsApp Messenger is free and allows users to enjoy sending and receiving text messages for free across all smartphone platforms. Text with other people who also have the app, whether they also own a BlackBerry 10 smartphone or another device, or send images, videos and voice notes for free.

#4. Twitter

Twitter is another free and popular social app for BlackBerry 10. It allows you to receive quick updates on people and institutions you follow, compose tweets and direct messages, share photos or retweet someone’s else’s tweet.

#3. Keek

Keek is a great free app for BlackBerry 10 that allows users to instantly share their videos with contacts and on social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Connect with others on the Keek network as well and leave comments on your friends’ videos.

#2. Badoo

Badoo is a free social app that allows BlackBerry 10 users to meet other people based on their location. It is essentially a social networking data app that can help you to find interesting individuals that are near to you and with whom you might connect.

#1. WeChat

WeChat is a cross network app that is free. It allows you to engage in group messaging via texts, video, photos and through additional methods.