Teens’ digital safekeeping is one hot topic among parents these days. There are two reasons behind this. One is the augmented involvement of teens in the digital devices and the second is the dangers of a digital life.

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Teen’s involvement in digital devices is increasing because of the easy access and fun attached to the devices and as far as the dangers are concerned, these can be divided into three broad categories as given below:

Dangers of Digital Life

Digital life has many attractions and much more hazards. The hazards can broadly be categorized in:

Health Issues

Excessive use of digital devices and extraordinary consumption of digital diet can cause health related issues in teens such as Nearsightedness, Sleep Deprivation, Hearing Loss, and Neck Strain etc.


Teens with their immature minds go online and become the prey of online predators, sexual assaulters, catfishers, hackers, spammers, etc.

Developing Bad Habits

One major risk attached to the digital world is tech addiction – the risk that is the root cause of all the problems mentioned above. Spending most of their time in the digital world, teens neglect their life and relationships in the real world. They start depending upon the relations and seek fun there, which ultimately makes them a robot.

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Role of Parents

Parents are and have always been the managers and gatekeepers of their teens’ digital experience. They are most often the cited source of advice and the biggest influence on the teens’ understanding of appropriate and inappropriate digital behaviour. They can talk to their teens about the risks in the first place and can help them setting up privacy settings for the digital life. They can provide them a precautionary checklist that they can refer to, every time they enter their digital world.

It’s the parents’ responsibility to keep their teens safe digitally and for that they have a number of tools at their disposal such as parental control apps

Role of Parental Control Apps:

Parental Control Apps can play a significant role in keeping teens safe, digitally. The apps facilitate monitoring and allow parents to control of their teens’ digital life. Monitoring is important to be a mentor for your teens. Obviously, you can’t help them until you know what wrong they are doing.

Family Time Parental Control App is one advanced parental control app being used by parents these days. The app offers a range of useful features that not only make monitoring an easy job for parents but help them take control too.

Here is what you can do with FamilyTime:

  • Track browsing history of your teen with the date and time for each URL.

  • View the complete list of bookmarks and favourites.

  • Monitor the list of apps they use with the app details such as date of installation and the app version

  • Check app usage frequency

  • Blacklist inappropriate or questionable apps

  • Remotely lock the phone, etc.

This is not all; FamilyTime offers other offline parental controls too, such as monitoring call logs, mirror contact book, Watchlist contacts, track location history, Geo-Fence places, receive instant alerts and much more. Isn’t the app all you need to safeguard your teens digitally? Give this app a try for free. You can download it from the iTunes and Google play.

Take the digital route to keep your teen safe, digitally:

Keeping teens safe is not an easy job for those who don’t take digital route. You don’t make the job stressful for you. Use the parental control app, be the mentor for your teen in their digital life and save them from all the hazards!