Apple products don’t just look great, they’re also very solidly designed. There’s always the possibility that you will drop your iPhone and break it, however they can survive many drops with no ill effects. Buying a case and a screen protector is definitely a good idea, as it will protect your phone from serious damage, and from scratches.

If the front glass is cracked it can be replaced. You do have to pay for this, but it’s much cheaper than buying a new phone. You could even do it yourself, as you can buy the kit for a few pounds and there are instructions on YouTube, but doing so is obviously more risky. A safer bet is simply to insure your iPhone in case of damage – click here for a good option.

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Battery Life

The one aspect of your iPhone or other Apple product whose deterioration you will probably notice with time is the battery. With time it will need to be recharged more often, and will eventually die. Having said that, an iPhone’s battery should last at least two years before the need to recharge frequently will affect your use of the phone. Occasionally allowing the battery to run out completely before recharging should extend its life.

Even when the battery deteriorates, you don’t have to buy a new iPhone, you can simply replace the battery. You can do it yourself if you feel brave enough – there are videos on YouTube that demonstrate how to do this – or you can have Apple do it for you. The second option will cost you, but it’s still cheaper than buying a new phone.

New Features

Every time a new Apple device is released it comes with new features to entice people who simply must have the latest iteration. Before you rush out to buy the new shiny product, spend some time thinking about how you use the one you already have, and whether the new features will make a huge difference to you. If you play a lot of games on your phone, then the faster iPhone 5 processor might make it worth upgrading from an iPhone 4. However, with standard use you might not notice much difference.

Of course, new computer technology ages very quickly. Getting a faster processor or better graphics is essential for power users. However, how much taxing work do you really put your iPad or even MacBook Air through? Standard usage, such us writing documents or using social media, is not very demanding. Even an old processor can cope with them easily.

Older devices do get slower with new operating systems. I’m still using my iPhone 3GS, which is almost four years old. It is noticeably slow now, but not to an extent that makes me urgently want a better phone. I think I will wait until the iPhone 6 is out.