To successfully run a business, you have to ensure you cut on costs while you maximize the profit. Any business, regardless of its level, can do well by optimizing these two factors.

Sales are the driving force for any business, and tech startups are not exempted. However, devising the way for startups to make a profit and maximize the profits can be quite challenging for most entrepreneurs.

Though there are no-one-size fits all strategies for entrepreneurs to maximize their profits, there are tips that companies who are working towards maximizing their profits can adopt.

This blog post will highlight ten ways you can use as a tech startup to increase sales and maximize profits.

How to Maximize Profits as a Tech Startup

To maintain a smooth running of a business, you need to maximize your returns. Increasing profits is an excellent financial sign for your business. Strategies discussed below can be helpful to both startups and established businesses, cutting costs and maximizing profits.

1. Define Your Goals Clearly

If you want to identify success and find a route of getting there, you must determine a straightforward approach that is in line with your revenue goals. Defining clear profit goals is essential in every stage of the business.

For instance, during the startup stage, the primary revenue goal is to attain profitability. Once the business moves past the startup, the aim is to maximize your profits so as to be able to drive various growth strategies and save for the business.

After you have clearly defined your goals and identified factors that drive sales and generate revenue, you get enough time to concentrate on activities that will help you achieve them.

2. Focus on Returning Customers

As a startup, investing resources toward acquiring a new customer is a good idea. However, as the business starts receiving clients, you should divert on cross-selling or upselling current customers.

Doing this is a very efficient method and will significantly help you cut costs since your current customers are more familiar with your products and services. They are more likely to come back to your business.

Offering your customers extra services or appreciative gestures like freebies and discounts will help you retain them and lead them into their next purchase.

Consistent interactions with the existing customers can also help build a new customer base to help grow the business.

People will always share a positive experience with others, and your existing clients can be a good brand ambassador to your business.

Offering huge referral incentives can be the right encouragement for existing customers to refer people to your business.

3. Revise Your Pricing Policy

Your products or services’ price will always remain one of the most important things that influence your business growth. Startups’ most common challenge is how to strike a balance between too high prices and low prices.

Before settling on a pricing policy to use in your business, it is advisable to research and know your customer’s feelings towards your services. Check also what your competitors are pricing for the same.

Do not have a fixed price policy; instead, change accordingly depending on the business requirements or the market trend.

An instant increase in price sometimes can be beneficial and generate more revenue and boost profit if it does not negatively impact your sales.

Instant hikes in price may stir things up in the business, so you have to be sensitive to your customers’ feedback as the new prices take effect. You can then make adjustments depending on the reactions of the clients.

You may also decide to raise the price gradually at regular intervals because customers do not always react to a little increase in price.

While a slight increase in price may not look significant compared to full price, the benefit will still be realized since the increase will be done across the departments.

4. Streamline Communication

Communication is one of the most effective strategies that every business should invest in and follow correctly. Ensure there is effective communication between you and your customers. Use both online and offline platforms to interact with clients.

Navigate your clients to your sales pages, offer buying ideas to them, and attend to every concern by providing instant feedback. Implement automated solutions like live chats, phone, mail, and social media platforms depending on what your target clients prefer.

Provide outstanding customer service experience, don’t just sell the services, focus on selling benefits. Remember, outstanding customer service is the best sales strategy and is a sure way of maximizing your profits.

Ensure your communication is consistent and should begin before sales, during, and after-sales. This way, customers will feel valued and appreciated as part of the business.

Continuous communication will keep your clients informed, recognize them and make them feel like an important part of the business.

As a tech startup, you can conduct a virtual event to teach and communicate with the current customers about additional products or services. Make this more informative and aim at addressing their interests.

Effective communication is a sign of being valued, and your clients are likely to remain loyal and become repeat customers and bring referrals your way, leading to increased revenue.

5. Expand Your Market

Doing business in a competitive business environment like this does not allow you to be restricted to one geographical area or a specific audience group. If you want to increase your sales, you have to expand your market boundaries.

Including extra service to your existing products and services may be a value additional to your brand. It can also give your business good exposure and increase your customer base.

One of the best ways to try new markets is to enter into a cooperative sales agreement, you could sign these agreements electronically to save on costs. Reach out to businesses offering similar products and services and enter into their market space with your offerings.

If you add this strategy with the right partner, it can be an effective way of venturing into international markets. Having more people in your sales team at no additional charges can significantly boost your sales and maximize profits.

6. Redefine Sales Collaterals

As a business startup, to clearly understand how to maximize your profits, you need to create a gap or give your customers reasons to purchase from you. Most startups often ignore the benefits of sales collaterals like videos, pictures, and websites.

The main aim of using sales collaterals is to ensure that your team’s sales effort is easier and more effective. Use these collaterals effectively to make an accurate, informative, and up to date sales strategy. Also, ensure your website is regularly updated as it is the face of your business.

Review and evaluate your sales collaterals and see if they present the picture and the message you want to your customers.

7. Use Online Solutions and Tools

As a tech business, lead generation has a key role in adding new sales and guiding current customers to purchase again from you. The ability of your business to convert a lead into sales is a better method to increase your profits.

Do not use online tools only to maximize your leads but modify your online marketing strategies through campaigns to get valuable leads. Be creative and adopt a practical lead generation strategy to not only lure leaders but also to convert them into sales.

Implementing digital solutions automates operations like customer services by improving customer feedback turnaround. This leads to more engaged interactions with potential customers hence the high probability of converting them into buying clients

8. Implement Practical Marketing Strategies

Marketing is one of the ways most businesses use to improve sales and maximize profits. Analyse your customer’s purchase trends and product references, and general shopping behaviours, then customize your marketing according to the data collected.

Depending on the strategic plans, develop promotions targeting specific customers using promotional offers and ad messages. You can achieve this by using various marketing strategies and mediums to get your products and services seen. They include:

As you grow your business from a startup to a more established business, you will be required to do regular reviews and analyses to determine what drives more sales to the business.

9. Allow a Variety of Payment Options in Your Business

Implementing all the possible payment alternatives can be helpful and convincing to customers at times. Considering the rate of technological advancement, it is important to allow your customers pay from wherever they are, be it in their backyards, travelling or in an outdoor party.

Credit cards, EMI options, cash, online transfers, checks, and e-money, are some of the payment plans you need to incorporate into your business.

Most customers prefer using alternative payment plans since some third-party payment providers offer rewards and discounts to their customers too. They may want to use them in your business.

A variety of payment plans also gives you the convenience of buying materials or pay for outsourced services comfortably. This is not only cost-effective but very efficient and flexible means of doing business.

10. Motivate Your Sales Team

A better sales team can be an influencing factor towards maximizing profits and fostering business growth. Sales is a strategy that you need to master; you could explore online training courses on marketing to help your team better understand sales strategy and boost their marketing efforts.

Avoid changing staff every time. It takes a longer period for a new employee to get familiar with your products and services. To ensure your teams’ performance is kept at its optimum, you must motivate them.

Review your incentive provisions to boost the sales force. Instead of the standard incentive structure where a salesperson receives less commission when the sales volume increases, you can change this from bottom to up. This will motivate your team to aim for more sales to get more commissions, hence increasing revenue.

Additionally, you can develop sales contests where top sales agents get rewards like cash or holiday packages. Doing this will drive them to complete more sales, which translates to increased revenues.


As a startup business, your ultimate financial aim is profitability, and every strategy should drive you towards achieving that. Though it may not be such an easy task, it is achievable with practical applications of various tips.

The first step towards maximizing your profits as a startup is to market your business well and have it listed in places where it can be easily noticed. With the help of digital solutions, do not limit your business to one space. Have it listed in as many avenues as possible.

Also, focus on your existing customer to increase transaction frequencies. You can also apply various digital marketing tools like campaign monitor and MailChimp to streamline your interactions with customers.

Track your clients’ shopping behaviours to help you customize your offer’s kind of services according to their preferences.

Finally, remember to review your online presence from time to time. Check on your website periodically so you can have a clear insight of your most viewed products, customers’ concerns, and feedback to help you know where and how to adjust.