In order to streamline the experience the StumbleUpon users, site officials have announced that they are going to make some changes in their website’s platform next month.

Main goal of StumbleUpon is to assist its users to find out great and informative news. Their focus is on delivering its users a quicker, better and more personalized recommendations, so that each time users click the “Stumble!” button, they observe more remarkable content from every corner of the web!

One if the site’s official said “In order to focus on improving the discovery experience for you, and after careful consideration, we have decided to remove Groups, discontinue the ability to select Themes, and simplify Blogging capabilities. We know some of you have enjoyed having these features, but we believe that these changes will allow us to better focus on making stumbling amazing for you”.

Here’s how these changes will take place:

Groups: Groups will be visible until October 24th, and then will be removed permanently from the site. Users can      manually copy anything they’d like to keep, or will be able to export group information.

Themes: Your current theme will remain up until October 24th. At that time all themes will be changed to a default theme that is a white background with black type.

Blog Posts/HTML Reviews: After October 24th, HTML/Blogging functionality will not be offered but still users will be able to access blog posts and reviews created before October 24th which will exist in plain text format.

StumbleUpon is still working on an export option and will send more specific details in a few weeks.