The phenomenal success story of Steve Jobs at Apple has been second to none. As he marks on the beginning of new paranormal journey of his life after death, let’s reminisce eight of the most astonishing products gifted to the world by the genius, Steve Jobs.

1. Apple-II

The journey of a thousand mile begins with a little footstep. It might be humorous to know the specifications Apple-II had, like a 1-MHz processor, 4KB of RAM and an audio cassette interface for programs and data storage and also an external 5.25-inch floppy disk. Designed by Jobs and co founder Steve Wozniak, Apple II was launched in June 1977; it was the first successful mass PC.

2. Macintosh

After the sort of failure of Apple’s Lisa due to the $10,000 price tag, Apple then introduced the first commercially successful personal computer. It featured a graphical user interface and a mouse and was significantly promoted during the Super Bowl in 1984. The sales of Macintosh line stumbled around during the early 90’s but begin to gain the popularity again with iMac.

3. iMac

The Macintosh evolved into two more products called the iMac and the MacBook. In 1997 the company launched a very unique and resourceful first generation iMac. The design of the iMac was led by designer Jonathan Ive and iMac was a pleasant departure from the previous looks of Apple products. Jonathan later aided in the design of most of the other Apple products.

4. iPod

Can we imagine stepping out of our home without and iPod? The launch of Apple iPod in October, 2001 completely changed the face of the music industry. The traditional iPod has a simple rectangular design with a scroll in the middle and the very simplicity helped gaining the popularity. The first iPod was available in 5GB and 10 GB models however today the market galore with the various looks of the product. Apple copywriter Vinnie Chieco coined the term iPod, a sort of ravishing term for a music player, after watching the pods in 2001: A space Odyssey.

5. iTunes

And as if revolutionizing the music player industry wasn’t enough, Steve job introduced iTunes, two years later the launch of iPod. Though the music executives voiced their apprehensions towards the product, the collaboration with the already popular iPods, proved them wrong. The product was an immediate success selling one million songs in its first week and by December it had sold 25 million songs. In 2010 iTunes song downloads hit 10 billion. The poignant product is only slated to expand its reach with the introduction of Apple iCloud service.

6. Mac Book Air

The introduction of Mac Book Air, in January 2008, was the classic example of the far sightedness of Steve Jobs. It smartly ditched the CD-Rom and now with the introduction of cloud computing and streaming media, it will mark the change in PC and laptops.

7. iPhone

With Steve Jobs incessant efforts to provide a smart phone with strong user interface and a simple mobile operating system we today have the iPhone. The best-selling Smartphone in the world now has more than 500,000 apps available for it.

8. iPad

Tablet PC’s weren’t really well received by the users in 2001 when Microsoft introduced it for the first time but when Steve Job augmented tablet with a simple iOS mobile operating system and convincing apps, one could hardly resist it. iPad is the best-selling tablet in the world and is placed safe and secure at top spot despite competitors like Amazon Kindle Fire and Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and 8.9.