Mobile Phone Companies are leaving no stone unturned to lure customers. All of them are in fierce competition with each other, and they are launching new, more capable and feature-rich devices to draw the attention of people. The two adorable devices that are now catching the fancy of the mobile phone users are: Sony Xperia z3 and iPhone 6.

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Iphone 6 vs Smasung Note 4

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Both Sony and Apple are making tall claims and a customer will always remain clueless whether he should purchase an Android powered device from Sony or should rely more on Apple technologies. So, here we are, making an attempt to simplify your decision-making task with a sensible comparison of both the devices.

Sony vs Apple: The Design

Well, both these companies have remarkable designs in their portfolio, but we can try to draw a thin line separation between their design basics.

People have always loved Sony’s flashy and stylish devices that they always love to carry in their hands. Smartly using glass on the front and also on the back, Sony gives a sleek look to its devices. The same design excellence one can see in Sony Xperia z3 as well.

Apple is more loved for its user-friendly designs that allow users to enjoy the rich functionalities of its devices in a simple and effortless manner. The new device showcases rounded edges and soft corners while maintaining an incredible look and feel.

On the other hand Sony has tried to attain a more professional look with slightly sharper edges. So, when it comes to designing, both the devices have their specific attributes, and it’s more about personal choices.

Xperia vs iPhone: The specifications

Here, we need to be a little careful to compare the specs of both the devices side by side. Since both companies are claiming to include a host of features, a detailed assessment is important.

Sony has equipped the z3 with a tri-luminos display of 5.2”, which will enhance the user experience while enjoying Full HD quality visuals. On the other hand, Apple is relying on Sapphire Glass and powers its iPhone 6 with Retina+ technology. Apple has also maintained a more practical approach and released two versions of the device with a 4.7” and 5.5” displays respectively.

The z3 comes with a 32GB internal memory, but one can add up to 128GB as an SD card slot is there to help expand the memory. Apple, however, offers three different fixed memory options, 32 GB, 64GB and 128GB. But they are not offering any SD card slot, if you feel the need of expanding your memory from the given fixed choices.

Sony offers 3GB RAM and its 2.5GHz quad-core processor will hardly create any speed related issue. On the other hand, iPhone 6 can demonstrate a great speed with its powerful A8 processor.

When we compare the specs of both the devices, Apple inches ahead of Sony. Apple seems to maintain a more practical approach to release two different versions aiming at diverse groups of users. Moreover, its A8 processor adds more power to the device, although it doesn’t offer an option to expand the memory.

Xperia z3 vs iPhone 6: The Camera

Sony is always loved by its users for its powerful camera. Its z1 and z2 featured a 20.7 mega-pixel lens and z3 will have the same powerful camera. Apple is coming with a 13MP camera, although it is a significant upgrade from the 8MP in its iPhone 5s.

The z3 will feature a 2.2MP camera on the front while it is expected that iPhone 6 will have a 2-3MP camera on the front.

Sony has always offered a great camera to its users and still it scores above Apple by bringing a higher quality camera for its users.


Undoubtedly, both Sony and Apple are coming with powerful and feature-rich devices. And it seems to be a daunting task to choose a clear winner between both the devices. However, the comparison will definitely help you in the decision making, enabling to select the device that could be more advantageous for you.