Some Surface Pro 4 users are reporting shaky screens, and issues with signing in using Windows Hello. The issues appear to be linked to a recent driver update and are being reported by a small set of users on various social media networks, and the Microsoft Answers forum (via

According to reports on the Microsoft Answers forum, and Reddit, some Surface Pro 4 users are saying that after installing the “Surface – System – 7/21/2017 12:00:00 AM –” driver update, their devices will no longer recognize logins via the built in Windows Hello camera. It is still not certain if this driver is the root cause of the issue, as Microsoft has not officially responded to user complaints on the Microsoft Answers forum.

One Surface Pro user in the Microsoft Answer forums suggests the following solution to the problem.

FIX TO ROLLBACK DRIVER: Start Device Manager. Expand System devices. Right-click on Surface Camera Windows Hello, select Properties. Click on Driver tab. Verify the driver date is July 2017. If so, you have the problem driver. Click Roll Back Driver button. Click OK. This worked for me. Best wishes and God Bless! Note: this fix is in response to the Surface – System – 7/21/2017 12:00:00 AM – driver update that caused Windows Hello using the Surface Pro cameras to stop working for some.

UPDATE: You must be logged in using an account with Admin privileges. Otherwise, the “Roll Back Driver” button may be greyed out, It may also be greyed out if there are no previous drivers installed to roll back to, but that’s unlikely to be the case for this particular device unless you previously deleted it.

Another set of users is also reporting a separate issue where the screen appears to shake when watching videos, using the touch screen, touchpad, or typing. User reports show that this issue is possibly related to the device overheating, and the use of a portable fan appears to solve the problem for some.

This is just the latest set of troubles for Microsoft. Earlier in the month some Surface Pro owners experienced hibernation issues with the brand new Surface Pro, but the company later corrected the issues with a driver update. There is also an ongoing issue where some users are experiencing backlight bleed on new Surface Pro devices.

We have not seen any of these issues on our Surface Pro 4 just yet. But, the issue can be very frustrating, so we invite you to let us know if you’re affected by dropping us a comment below.