Yes, Facebook, after it launched branchout (2010), an application designed to break the ice between job seekers and employers, might soon launch a job board of its own. The social networking giant, however, remains mum on this speculation, which might end up as a hyped up rumor. But this reminds us of a recent, much talked-about conversation between Mark Zuckerberg and Eduardo Saverin. “You developed Joboozle,” said the former to the latter, “knowing that at some point Facebook would probably want to do something with jobs.” Saverin’s actions took Zuckerberg by surprise, as the latter added: “you basically made something on the side that will end up competing with Facebook.”

With the spread of this word, some experts said that can possibly be a threat to LinkedIn, a professional networking-oriented site, while others like JP Morgan and Topeka said that people might want to keep separate spheres for professional and private networking.

If Facebook does launch a job board soon then it would undoubtedly give a serious competition to LinkedIn. But let’s watch out when Facebook finally decides to disclose what it’s upto, or whether it directly comes up with a job board of its own!