We live in an age where our smartphones have become our lives, largely because of all the important information stored on them, including contacts, messages, photos, music, and emails. So, we can all understand why panic ensues when our precious phones meet an unfortunate situation. More than a decade has passed since cell phones started to become indispensable  Today, the phones have bigger capacity, are faster, and can do more (while you do less). Here are just some of the reasons why they play such an important part in our lives.

Having fun

It is becoming hard to keep up with all the latest in games for smartphones, as great gaming ideas are coming out at a speed fast enough to make your head spin.

The host of games available on your phone makes it impossible for you to be bored at any time, whether you’re waiting for a client, the bus or simply need to pass the time. Games are a growing niche in smartphone technology, as developers vie for consumer attention. Another benefit is that many of the games are kid-friendly. So, from young ones to older kids and teenagers, the gaming world has something for everyone.

Photo magic

Smartphones now equipped with the latest features when it comes to photography, so you can perfectly capture your precious moments. With the very latest in megapixels, screen and picture quality, among a host of other features, we have, become our own personal photographers. If you have a phone that has the best features, you can get the perfect frame in a moment in time, which will make you think you’re good enough to start entering (and winning) photographic competitions.

There’s an app for that

Research suggests that there could be roughly two million apps available for downloading today. While this number may sound overwhelming to those who have just jumped on the smartphone bandwagon, the idea is not to download all of them; but only the ones you need to maintain your everyday social (and professional) existence. They can enhance your phone in many ways and help you keep up with the latest trends in the app world.

Happily, many of the apps are free, and if not, they are usually easily affordable.

It’s all in the data

From messages to emails and other important work files, we store a lot of very personal and business-related information on our phones. This means that any accident that befalls your phone verges on the disastrous. It’s important to know that not all is lost, as they are companies out there that specialize in recovering data from mobile phones.

With the world now at your finger-tips, you can be assured that no-one will, cast an eye at you or pass judgement when your smartphone accidently falls or has to go in for repairs. Just ensure that you take your phone to a reputable company, or you could find your sensitive data has been sold to the highest bidder.

Nelly Kgoadi-Molaba writes for Data Detect, which a mobile data recovery specialist with operations in Melbourne and other major cities in Australia.