When you’re learning to run your own business, a lot of the lessons come through trial and error. Experience may be the best teacher, but sometimes she can be quite harsh. This becomes particularly true in matters involving finances. One mistake, and suddenly, you could be facing bankruptcy. Fortunately, you can learn some lessons through the mistakes of others, and other lessons can be avoided by learning from the wisdom of others, especially in the area finances. One such area stems from using rebate programs as much as possible to save money.

The Basics of the Rebate Program

Rebate programs have been around for quite some time. While initially they were regarded with the same suspicion as infomercials, rebate programs have become a legitimate way to help you save money and even earned some as you go about your regular business duties. They are not merely available for purchases. In some cases you can obtain rebates and money back for completing courses or incentive programs. In some cases, this can be as simple as learning how to register a company with a company’s informational process or trying out their new business package relating to web design. The most popular ones however are found through sites such as FatWallet or Ebates.

FatWallet and Ebates both offer regularly updated listings of sites and programs currently offering rebates. The most simplistic ones involve purchasing your office supplies and inventory through their web service. More complicated ones may involve providing a proof of purchase and filling out a survey. However, aside from the investment of little time, you can save a great deal of money and earn additional rewards as most of these rebates also paired with additional sales.

Avoid These Common Pitfalls

Rebates offer a great deal for small business owners, but it’s important that you avoid these common pitfalls. The first is that often these rebates calm with additional incentives to part purchase more than you need. Make sure that what you are buying is actually what you need and also what you can afford. Even though you may get an excellent rebate and discount if you purchase an additional program, if you buy more than you actually need, you are not saving as much as you should. The second most common mistake is to fail to follow through on the rebates, particularly when you have to mail something in. Rebates always come with a deadline. If you fail to mail the paperwork or the required proof in, you will end up paying the full price and save nothing.

If you can keep making these two common mistakes, you will save far more with your rebates. One way to ensure that you don’t mess up is to input the deadline into your online calendar and set it up with reminders up to the due date. To make sure that you don’t spend more than you can afford, have a shopping buddy or someone else to look at it and ask you whether or not this is something you really need.