Most of us tech lovers are all smiles and dopy eyes when it comes to the thought of finally getting our hands on the Samsung Galaxy SIII. And though the daydream is a good one, a reality check ought to make its way into the day before the dream ends up a nightmare. What am I talking about? Android spyware. Yes, that annoying fear of losing everything you have due to stalkers, hackers, and malware professionals.

So what does one do? Well, though the SIII hasn’t made its debut in many parts of the world, the root method for it has already come out thanks to Chainfire (an Android developer). Many people may not like the idea of using root on their phones but those who have panic attacks at the thought of Samsung galaxy tracking software or consider themselves control freaks, won’t hesitate. So whether you have the phone yet or not, you should find this helpful for future use.

Chainfire claims that rooting the device simply involves using “a modified adbd binary” to repack the stock kernel. This allows users to gain access to relatively all db root commands, and in turn, allows the installation of SuperSU manually. If you’re interested, here’s how to go about it.

Download the kernel. Currently its available from Chainfire.
Download ODIN 1.85. This will flash the kernel.
After download, extract both kernel and ODIN using any archiving tool.
Kernel extraction will leave you with a .tar file.
Next, put the Samsung Galaxy SIII into Download Mode. To do this you have to press and hold the Volume down + Power/Lock Buttons together. Then press Volume Up when prompted.
Now you have to run ODIN. To do this, connect the phone to PC via USB. Within ODIN, click on PDA and select the .tar file you extracted earlier.
Click Start to begin the flashing process.
This is where the upgrade process begins from insecure root to full. For this you have to boot the device and enable the USB Debugging by going to Settings>Applications>Development.
Next you need to install SuperSU since the insecure root allows adbd root commands but won’t give your apps super user access.
Next, you have to download the file. This can be obtained from any XDA developer website. But the file must contain SuperSU v0.89. Once you have this, extract it.
Once you have adb running, double click the install.bat option. Once the device reboots, your Samsung Galaxy SIII rooting process will be complete.

This process has already been carried out by Chainfire, and that too remotely. However, since there is no rooting tool available for the device as such yet, as a user you will have to do it manually as the above steps indicate. Whether it’s advisable or not remains up to the user’s views. However, if you do choose to root the device, complete control will be in your hands. And of course, the ability to deal with Android spyware and Samsung galaxy trackers too.

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