The European guardian is inspecting if Samsung has broken European union’s competition laws over “standards essential” patents.

They cover various technologies used in mobile phones including radio signalling standards and are controlled to assure a fair market. License must be given by the patent owners to have competition between the rivals fairly, feasibly and on non-discriminatory basis.

“We will issue a statement of objections very soon,” Almunia said, referring to the Commission’s charge sheet.”

The inspection into whether “Samsung has failed to honour its unchangeble liability” to Frand terms, which was given in 1998, was mentioned by a barrage patent violation cases from the enterprises. It filed lawsuit againist Apple for 13 patents infringement which were related to 3G, for example.

In seeming expectation of Mr Almunia’s interference, on Tuesday Samsung said it was dropping an effort to ban the sale of some Apple devices in the Netherlands, France,Italy, Germany and Britain,however the company did not say it would freeze its court battle for reimbursement.

In August this year, Apple was compensated $1.05bn for damages after a Californian court found Samsung had copied cucial features of the iPhone & iPad. The patents which Samsung Electroniocs was accused Samsung by Apple Inc of violating in its Galaxy range were not “standards essential”,although.