If you are running a business and if you are relying on technology for most of your operations, then large volumes of information is generated each day. These include login credentials, domain names, licensing information, minutes of meetings, business plans etc. You need to keep all these information and ensure that they are stored securely and not fall in the hands of unauthorized people. You can obviously remember all this information and doing so in pieces of paper, email or office isn’t safe. Firstly you won’t be able to locate where you store this info especially with passage of time and secondly they can easily fall into wrong hands. Thus, you need a data storage solution that is safe, cost effective and above all convenient to use.

Recently we came across Safestacks which is a wonderful organizational tool being fast adopted by small and large businesses alike. It allows you to stoke just about any kind of information that you can think of using a highly secured mechanism. All information stored is encrypted and can only be accessed by authorized users. More importantly you will be able to share and access this information from anywhere in the world using simple authentication steps. You can view real-time data of people accessing the information and also know who accesses it after you have shared the data.

Major Features of Safestacks

 1. Unlock Code Security – To protect your sensitive data Safestacks uses a feature known as the Unlock Code Security™ (UCS). All the information stored is encrypted and can only be decrypted using an Unlock Code that is known to you. This Unlock Code isn’t stored anywhere and thus prevents any unauthorized access into your information.

256-Bit Encryption – This robust tool makes use of an enterprise-class 256-bit encryption to encrypt data. This is the same kind of encryption that banks and other financial institutions use. Thus, you can access Safestacks from a public network without worrying about your data being stolen.

Best-in-class Hosting – Unlike other data storage solutions that use low-cost hosting services, Safestacks uses the services of Rackspace to host, monitor and manage data which is one of the leading hosting service providers in the world. This provides full proof security to your data.

Ongoing Backups – To ensure that your data is completely safe, Safestacks securely backs up the databases on a daily basis. In case of any major system breakdown all your data can be revived unharmed quickly and efficiently.


With Safestacks you can make it your own as it is highly flexible and customizable. Every business is different and hence your needs will not be like other users of Safestacks. Your important information can easily be highlighted and as they say no matter what you need to keep track of, Safestacks can handle it. Here are a few things that you can try out:

Your stuff, your way You will be able to create “Collections” to store just about any kind of information that is important to you.

Your brand You will be able to change the way the system looks. Thus when you share the information with clients with a branding factor and cast an impression on their minds.

Professional Look As soon as a client signs in they will be treated with your brand and colors thus delivering a highly professional message.

Quick Setup

The set up process is extremely quick and easy and in no time you will have your important business information organized in Safestacks. Here is how the set up process works.

Easy Sign Up – To begin with, you can create your free 30-day trial account and start capturing your information in no time. This gives you a glimpse of what this solution is capable of. You don’t need to enter any credit card information and have nothing to lose.

Built-in Help – If you are stuck anytime in the setup process, you can make use of the built-in guides that help you with setting up the system and entering your items.

Templates – You will be able to choose from many templates and get up and run in no time. In most cases businesses need to keep track of logins, employees, domain names, etc. and Safestacks has templates to take care of those needs. If you need more, you can create your own “Collections” to store any other kind of information.


If you are looking for a data storage solution that is safe, easy to use and cost-effective, Safestacks is perfect for you. It is a simplified database system that allows you to store all your information at one place. There is no learning curve with this solution that makes it special. With a comfortable price tag of $12/mo for unlimited data store and usage it is surely one solution that can be adopted by small and large businesses alike.