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PS Plus Free Games For August Out Now On PS4/PS3/Vita


It’s a good month for PS Plus.

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If you’ve been looking for something to play, today brings good news: the PlayStation Plus free games for August are live now on the PlayStation Store, and it’s an especially good month to be a Plus subscriber.

Headlining the selection is the chaotic action game Just Cause 3, available for download on PS4. Its massive sandbox and array of high-powered weaponry will likely entertain for at least a few hours. PS4 owners also get access to the well-received Assassin’s Creed: Freedom Cry, the spinoff of Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag. In addition, free-to-play game Dreadnought launches into open beta on PS4 today, and Plus members will be able to pick up a free DLC pack for it starting on August 15.

The fantastic roguelike/platformer Downwell is also now free to download on both PS4 and Vita. Vita owners can pick up Level 22 as well. Finally, PS3 owners can grab Snakeball and Super Motherload, the latter of which is also free on PS4.

These games will be available until the first Tuesday of next month–September 5–so make sure to “purchase” them (you won’t be charged) before then on the PS Store. If you do that, then as long as you have an active Plus subscription, you’ll be able to download and play them.

Plus members in the US can also currently rent certain movies from the PS Store for 99 cents each. The current title is Logan; it will be followed by Power RangersKong: Skull IslandBoss Baby, and Ghost in the Shell.

PlayStation Plus Free Games For August 2017


  • Assassin’s Creed: Freedom Cry
  • Downwell
  • Just Cause 3


  • Snakeball
  • Super Motherload


  • Downwell
  • Level 22

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