What is the first thing you see, when you go to a website? How do you search, or look through the contents of a website? Answer: ‘The home page’! There is no question about it; a home page is the most important factor for your website, as your whole website traffic first checks through your home page to see your web-portals content. So, considering how important it is for a website’s traffic, read on to find out tips on designing a better home page for your WordPress website.

Pro Tips to Design a Homepage that Visitors will Love

Before starting with the tips, let’s see what factors should be taken into consideration, for making a good website web page-

  1. Accurately defines/describes your website– Home page should be clear about what the website is all about. Author Steve Krug’s book-‘Don’t Make Me’ Think explores some more important aspects about the importance of websites and homepages.
  2. Keep in mind the ‘target audience’– Your target audience is the bread and butter of your website design. The web page should be designed and built, according to which target demographic the website is catering to.
  3. Optimized for various devices and platforms– While this can be considered a technical aspect, this too should be kept as pointer before you start designing your website home screen. Considering, there are a plethora of people who use their smartphones for accessing a website, while others use laptops, the homepage should be optimized for all platforms.

The above-mentioned pointers should be taken into account, along with the tips and tricks for giving your website’s homepage that edge over the other websites.

  1. Fonts-If you want your website visitors to read your content easily, then the fonts will play a major role in that. If you know what you are doing, then pick the font on your own, otherwise just choose from these fonts namely Arial, Georgia or Helvetica. They are classy and have been used by nearly all the websites. Add to that WordPress font plugins like WP Google font, Fontmeister can also help you in finding out fonts for your website.
  2. CTAs (Calls- To-Action)-CTAs are ‘learn more’ or ‘buy now’ or ‘read this also’ and various other ‘what next should the visitor do’ on a web page. Every website uses CTAs to increase the visitors stay period on the web portal. The basic idea behind CTAs is ‘lead generation’ and that should be kept in mind before designing a homepage.
  3. Colors –It is the most basic, and the most important part of a home page. A colorless website gives out that dull feeling that, there is nothing important to see here when you click onto a web page. On the other hand, a rainbow blast of a web page does not present a good first impression either. Be a little creative with your home page color choice. If you feel that, you don’t know about what to choose just stick to the basic two contrasting, neutral color choice, like black and white.
  4. Images- Images are the backbone of your website’s home page, poor looking pictures and low-resolution images are the reason that makes visitors go away. Some of the free sources from where you can get high-quality images are- xchng, Unsplash, Flickr Creative Commonsadd to that Wikipedia images are also free to use.

Organize your content– If your homepage is cluttered with content, advertisements, pop-ups and auto-playing videos, nobody will stay on your website. Remember ‘’ More does not always mean better.’’ Organize the content of your web page and make sure visitors will be able to weave through the content and also see the advertisements on a website. You can also use WordPress formatting bar, to organize articles and advertisements on your web portal.