The trend of taking the entire work flow on the cloud, seems to be gaining force by every passing day. The increase in the popularity and also the utility that cloud apps provide, is soon making the disc space sort of redundant. It is in a way a good thing. But the problem that arise is in the work management. With everything being on the cloud, it becomes really problematic to manage the entire work. If that is one issue which has left you perplexed then worry no more! With the help of Primadesk, you shall be able to solve the problem very easily!

Primadesk is a striking new app which enables the users to search, manage and backup all of the personal online content at a single place. Besides, it supports more than 2 dozens of popular web based applications, such as Google, Facebook, Hotmail, Flickr, Dropbox, Sugarsync,Orkut, Snapfish, Zoho, Smugmug, etc. With the help of this service, you can also very easily handle the applications on your desktop. The point is to optimize the workflow management and not to occupy more space and pay more attention.

More About Primadesk

Primadek is primarily a great cloud management app which gives its users a single sign on access to its most popular web based services and allows the users to quickly and conveniently locate and manage content stored in them, which also includes the drag and drop files, photos and other documents between them.

Once all of your online accounts are synchronized with Primadesk, it displays a unified view of these accounts along with an added utility feature of dragging and dropping between various services, so that you may save a particular file, exactly where it is supposed to be saved.

And if that, according to you is the ultimate benefit of this app, we would like you to hold your horses! Primadesk also offers the option of backup, which can be used with any of the service in sync and connected to the Primadesk.

Here is What You Can do With This App


1. It is nothing less than a severe headache, having to manage all the different emails simultaneously! Primadesk consolidates all of your emails together – whether they are cloud based or not, and present too your emails from different centers, at a single place. The notations of the account from which the email has been sent, appears next to it. Besides, you can also perform all of the normal email functions like Send, Reply, Reply All and so on.

2. In a single operation, you can search for personal content across gmail, Dropbox, SugarSync, Box, Facebook, and other online accounts. presently, it only supports emails, photos and documents, thus you may only search these items.

3. You can easily copy photos and documents between web providers and between your device and web. You can easily copy files and photos from Picasa, Google Docs, Facebook, Dropbox, Sugarsync, Box and other providers.

4. You can also email your photos right from Android phone, to any of your online accounts.

5. All of the recent content – including the emails, photos and docs can be viewed at one place.

6. You can create backup of the data which is on the cloud at the directory or album level of for the entire account.

Securite and Reliability

Priamdesk understands and appreciates the importance of having a safe and secure platform to manage your work. It uses 256-bit encryption and also has multiple security layers. None of the content is saved on the server, unless you decide to create a backup for the same. Where the content is residing on the particular services, like Google or Facebook etc, it only shows you a virtual view of it.

Primadesk Content Manager for Android & iPhone

Primadesk makes sure that you are always just a click away from all of your documents and photos, regardless of whether you are at home or traveling. You can easily access all of your online photos and documents etc, directly from your Android Phone or iPhone.

– Copy the pictures or other documents from various services like Facebook, Picasa, Google DOcs, Flickr, SugarSync and many others.
– Even if you forget the location of the particular photo or document, you can easily search across all of your accounts, via single operation.

Affordable Pricing Structure

The pricing structure offered by Primadesk, is very conducive towards its utilization by various types of businesses. Whether you are a small business owner or owns a medium sized or large scale business, you are most likely to find Primadesk resourceful and reasonably priced.

Registration is free and once the confirmation is done, users can include all of their accounts and work with various files and documents, strictly as per your requirements, without having to worry about any limitations etc.

If however, users feel like having more features, they can upgrade their account to Primadesk Pro, within which they will get unlimited number services, storage space of 10 GB, SSO (Single Sign On), Priority Support via Email along with all the features which are listed above.

All of these features are available to you in $5 per Month and the subscription to Primadesk Pro is available for $50 per month, based on your requirements.

If your requirements are bit more expansive, you can also opt for Primadesk Premium which offer 30 GB of storage space along with other features of Primadesk Pro.

Final Thoughts

If even the thought of having to access different services and application in order to avail all the information, sends jitters down your spline, Primadesk is perhaps the best application available with you. Priamdesk is must certainly an option that you must explore, its high points being its user friendly interface and the ability to switch between various services, at the lightning fast speed!