Emails have become part and parcel of any business. Imagine the advantage that you would draw out of your business if you could know when your emails are being read, where are they being read and for how long are those emails being viewed by the receiver. Such intelligence would be a great weapon in the hands of an email marketing executive. It will help businesses identify their potential clients and convert leads into sales. These days, there are many online tools which can give you such insights into your emails and Pointofmail is one which is being used by thousands of users around the world.

Pointofmail is one of most dynamic proof of receipt and reading service for email. The developers have studied different facets of the email marketing industry and taken into account the sender, the message and the recipient before coming out with comprehensive solution. It is a user-friendly solution which can be adapted quickly. This has opened a new sense of opportunity for the businesses as they know if their messages are reaching the recipients that they are intended for.

Highlighting Features of Pointofmail

  • Robust Tracking – This is the most important feature of Pointofmail where you will be able to track all the emails that are opened and read by the recipient along with their forwarding. You will also get to know where from the person is reading your email via Google Map and also notifies about the device whether it is being opened on a computer or a mobile phone.
  • Instant Notification – You will be instantly notified when a user opens, reads or forwards an email that was sent across to them. The information is sent to your mailbox and across various devices where you can easily sort it based on different parameters. This allows you to identify the potential customers from where you can get business soon. These notifications can also be received via SMSs.
  • Works From Anywhere – This is a web-based system and thus doesn’t require you to install any software or plugin into the workstation. This allows one to manage emails sitting anywhere in the world and using any workstation. The reports are instantly available to the authorized user even while on the move.
  • Team Management – Pointofmail can be used by a team of users which is the actual scenario in a business organization. This will allow you to track performance of the emails sent from a single individual and the entire team. The team members can share information about the customers and cater to the slightest of interest that the emails might have generated.
  • Dynamic Parameters – This is a smart solution which allows you to set dynamic parameters on your emails which come in handy while sending emails in bulk. You can set instructions for the emails to fetch certain parts of the email as the subject line.


  • It is a highly cost-effective solution for tracking the success of an email marketing campaign. In fact, there aren’t any other online solutions which can offer these kind of services to the businesses.
  • This solution can be integrated with one and all email service providers in the world which is its greatest advantage. You can easily send pointofmail-certified emails whether you have a public or a business email account.
  • It can also track the status of attachments whether they have been opened or downloaded by the recipient. You can even know the kind of device that was being used to access the email.
  • This system allows you to edit the content of your email even when it is being sent which isn’t possible with any other mailing solution.


Pointofmail has been priced keeping in mind the needs of all kinds of consumers starting from small businesses to large MNCs. It has been packaged into three different categories – Silver, Gold and Platinum which are priced at $19.99, $49.99 and $79.99 respectively. As the price indicates as you go higher in the price ladder, you get access to more services and features.

While the Silver plan allows you to send 500 emails per month, the Gold and Platinum packages allow 2000 and 10000 emails respectively. The Platinum pack comes with a host of features which give you lots of actionable information on the success of your campaign from the user end. There is also a 7-day free trial which allows you to review the solution yourself before adopting.

If you are looking for a practical email tracking solution to manage your email marketing solution, Pointofmail is the solution to serve all your needs, sign up now. It can be highly customized to meet the niche demands of every industry. On the downside, it does invade into the privacy of your recipients and you need to keep this in mind and not invite any legal challenges.