Today we are reviewing, a website builder service targeted at creative professionals such as photographers, designers, architects etc. It offers standard customizable designs that are wide and visually arresting, so as to allow people create striking visuals using their creative output. It is also a platform that makes an effort to help people build their online business. So, it is an interesting proposition in all respects and that is why we decided to try it out and share our experience with our readers. Here are the main points that we could figure out by going through the Pipe interface,

Simple Installation and Content Addition

Pixpa offers a reasonably simplistic interface. You just have to create a login with a valid email ID to get access to the site builder. You can select your design from more than 100 themes. You can also customize the designs and make various changes. But to start with, we suggest you just choose a good design and upload your content just to see how it looks. You will find both HTML5 and Flash based themes and we suggest that you choose one of the HTML5 designs as it is the latest technology. Also, adding content is also easy as uploading images and text is not much different from your regular blogs and social media. You can also build private galleries which can be accessed by your paying clients only.

Built for Business

The designs of Pixpa are SEO Optimized. There is also a separate SEO form within the interface that allows the users to update their own keywords, titles and meta descriptions. It is designed to rank high in the search engines if the content is done well. Social media links can also be easily installed. Those who are serious about building an online presence should be happy about these options because if you want to succeed on the internet, you have to design yourself for the search engines and it is not merely about uploading your best photographs.

Competitive Pricing

Pixpa has serious competitive pricing plan that caters to everyone from the beginners to the professionals. Everyone can take a free trial for 15 days. But you must pay up after 15 days to continue. There are three different pricing plans but the good thing is that none of the plans really compromise on the quality of the service. The only difference here is the number of images you can upload into the site. So, even the basic plan allows you to enjoy all the features that Pixpa has to offer. Also, if you still find it hard to pay up, you can pay on a monthly basis. Also, it offers a flat 50% discount for the studen


Pixpa is a good option for photographers to build a professional online presence. We thought the designs are well made and more suitable when you have good quality visuals. However it has no free plan and if you are not looking to spend money at all, you will need other options.