Wondering about getting a reliable and economical hosting solution to make use of? Have you heard about Pixeno? If not, I can tell you it is really worth a try. Pixeno is successfully providing service in the reseller hosting sector for 4 plus years now. Of course, there are a lot of such service providers around, but Pixeno is maintaining a unique approach to hosting in order to provide the best in-class services to its users.

About Pixeno – Reseller Hosting

On getting a closer view of the Pixeno services, it can be easily identified that they are offering the best infrastructure and state-of-the art facilities to the users. Pixeno also prides on owning the fastest data center in the country at the UK headquarters. With its tagline being “Web Hosting… Simplified”, Pixeno provides specialised web designers hosting services.

I can see Pixeno offering a lot of customised options in web hosting services for creative professionals and that’s probably one of the reasons why it features on top in the list of reseller hosting service providers in UK. The unmatched technological perfection as well as uninterrupted power supply assures that the websites load instantly and also maintain a 24×7 uptime. The Pixeno team consists of professional designers and developers who know to the core what the web administrators need and is fully equipped to cater to this. I will further discuss a few advantages I got to enjoy on using the Pixeno’s hosting services.

Hassle-free Administration

On reviewing further the unique advantages of Pixeno, what I can point out first is the user-friendly administration panel. The control panel interface will make it a child’s play for you to be in touch with your customer base in a blink of an eye. The admin panel is customised in a very flexible and simple manner to be handled by even the not so tech-savvy site administrators.

Focusing right to the point, the unique gateway is open and makes it easy to manage the multiple clients’ cPanel accounts with utmost perfection and skilfulness. I got to enjoy a complete control over the clients’ accounts, making the moderation tasks amazingly forthright. This reseller web hosting option sets no limitations to e-mail IDs, subdomains, and MySQL databases.

Fast and Reliable

By owning the fastest data center in the United Kingdom, Pixeno does offer super-fast page loading features to the websites. This unique thing really amazed me, and I believe Pixeno is doing full justice when it comes to satisfying the new-age web users.

Productivity and effectiveness are two major concerns always associated with the reseller web hosting services, and Pixeno is assuring the best available solutions in order to relieve it. With them by your side, you can simply concentrate on your business development activities with an assurance that your web-based business is being taken care of on its own on the other side. With uninterrupted power and full backup, you need not worry about downtime at all.

Domain Names

Another concern I had while setting up the website was the availability of domain names; but, this was also taken care of by Pixeno. It offers a wide range of domain names, which are available in the directory for new registrations as well as for transfer. The all-inclusive price tag covers complete domain management, free of cost optional privacy protection, customised DNS hosting, and tremendous customer support through the life of the domain. There are no restrictions on doing the domain name registration and you are very much free to simply transfer the domain to and from Pixeno at any point. A sample list of pricing for some major domains is as give below.

  • .com : £10.95/yr
  • .net: £10.95/yr
  • .org: £10.95/yr
  • .co.uk: £5.45/yr
  • .info: £9.95/yr
  • .biz: £10.95/yr

Customer Support

Of course, it is worth winning an award from my experience. Pixeno’s direct (not outsourced) customer service is very quick in response to the 24/7 ticketing system. I got to enjoy the deal with the passionate designers who were able to deliver what I desired. They are strictly professional and offer a personal touch to service in handling even the most troublesome issues. It is not a rule-out mindset, but I felt the empathetic understanding on the other end, giving room to my ideas and concerns. I really got to feel their in-depth knowledge, which in turn helped me to improve my own insight and approach.

Low-priced hosting plans

There are also different custom-tailored reseller hosting plans to be made use of as base, rage, extreme, and nitro. These are designed after fully understanding the needs and preferences of the users.

  • The ‘Base’ plan costs as low as £10 per month and offers 10 GB storage space, 100 GB bandwidth monthly, as well as 10 hosted websites.
  • ‘Rage’ is the next level hosting plan costing about £20 monthly and offering 20 GB storage, 200 GB bandwidth, and 20 hosted websites.
  • In ‘Extreme’ hosting plan, for a monthly payment of £30, there is 30 GB storage space, 300 GB bandwidth, and 30 hosted sites.
  • ‘Nitro’ is the highest plan in reseller web hosting with Pixeno, which costs £40 monthly and is offering 40 GB storage with 400 GB bandwidth and 40 hosted websites.


If you are a freelancer like me who is looking for a reliable hosting service for your clients or own a designing company, which needs a custom made plan to meet the hosting needs, then I can surely suggest Pixeno reseller web hosting. It can prove out to be your success partner.