According to a report, a vision board-styled social photo sharing service website Pinterest that gained great recognition, in January and February, is now surprisingly losing its users this month

Data collected by the Business Insider shows that the greater number of Pinterest users sign up via Facebook have considerably dropped down in the last few months.

The Daily Mail reports that monthly active users on Pinterest got down to 8.3 million on April to 11.15 million today.

The site works as a ‘timeline application’ within Facebook, enabling Facebook users to use one log-in across both and share ‘pins’, Pinterest’s term used for posts through a Facebook page.

AppData, which keep a track of how frequently users of third-party apps and other sites interact with Facebook, disclosed the site’s downturn.

With recommendations from US President Barack Obama and Facebook founder Mark Zuckerburg this website that permits users to fundamentally, create ‘vision boards’ of their most likable things, was dubbed as the social media craze of 2012.

Although, it is suspected that the people who signed up to this website simply for trying out the latest fad have now decided that it is not useful for them.