One of the important uses of mobile phones and tablets is gaming. This applies equally to off-line games, online casino type games like aussie pokies, and online multiplayer games. In fact most people prefer to use their mobile devices for gaming even when they are within the vicinity of their desktop computer and gaming console, and they are even likely to be playing games on it at the same time that they are watching TV.

It is interesting to consider that some of the first things that people ever did on computers was to play games on them; even on the big mainframe computers of the 1960s and 1970s. Of course that preceded the internet. Once the internet came along it was no time before we were playing games over it. Initially it was on fixed devices such as desktop PCs and gaming consoles. The online casino came along and rapidly became very popular. Suddenly we could play games the kinds of games such as roulette and craps that we had only previously experienced at real casinos. We could play online and for real money.

Once the mobile phone came along it was inevitably only a short time before we were playing games on them and soon we were using them for online gaming too. Today mobile casino gaming is one of the fastest growing sectors.

When Apple introduced the first tablet, the iPad, most industry analysts predicted its early demise; they failed to see that there was a market for it. However they were wrong and it took many years for other manufacturers to catch up, but catch up they did and today there is a plethora of alternative tablets and again one of their important applications is gaming.

But which of these devices is best for gaming? There is no simple answer as there are so many things to balance. Both are quite capable though there is a trade off between the large display on a tablet and the smaller display on a phone along with the inconvenience of carrying around a tablet and the convenience of carrying around a phone.