A few days back, Paytm was missing from the Google play store. The pulling back of this app leads to the Paytm and Google Controversy. The controversy has become so unpleasant that it is affecting their business relationship.

But do you know why this happened? Why Paytm got removed from google play store? I guess ‘No!’ So, let me take you through the overall information regarding this controversy and its latest news.

Paytm is the fastest growing startup company in India. As per Sensor Tower- Paytm is the 6th most downloaded fintech app. Sensor Tower is a website that renders “enterprise-level data on mobile apps and publishers.”

Suddenly, last Friday(18th Sep 2020) we found Play Store had removed this app. However, the app was back to the store after eight hours. But this action of Google has steamed up the controversy in the country.

Why did the Paytm and Google Controversy take place?

The main reason for the controversy was Google had removed Paytm from the Play Store.

Why? Let’s see.

For several hours Paytm was missing from the Play Store. However, it was restored again. Google used to say that Paytm was running a cricket sticker promo on its payment which was violating the policy.

Google says that cashback and voucher did not violate the rules, but offering Paytm Fatency Gaming is a violation of the rules. This gives a reason for removing the Paytm app from the Play Store.

However, Paytm was not satisfied with the explanation given by Google. Paytm accuses Google, says the company is trying to bully them.

After the dispute took place, Paytm says that Google’s rules become different when it comes to its app. Like him, Google is running a cashback campaign on the same cricket theme. This campaign is named ‘Tej Shots’.

The Tej Shots is giving rewards of up to one lakh rupees on points and lucky draws. But the search engine company Google has opposed Paytm doing this. Further, they add up, saying that Google is showing discriminate between platforms under its policies.

Paytm announced Fantasy Paytm Cricket League on Friday

Paytm announced Fantasy Paytm Cricket League on Friday. In this, users can win cash rewards based on the performance of the actual team in the IPL. It was on the line of Fantasy Sports platform of Dream 11. Dream 11 is holding a sponsorship of the IPL. This was considered to be against Playstore rules. Only then did Google take action against Paytm.

Google said, Paytm violated rules

Google said that Paytm had violated its gambling policy. This case came a day before the start of IPL, which has increased interest towards fantasy sports. In this game played on the Internet, people form virtual teams based on the performance of the real team.

After this, Paytm Chief Vijay Shekhar Sharma said that soon after its restoration on Google Play Store, no rules have been ignored by his company. He said he has his own policies to run the business. Business in India cannot run with American policies.

Did the removal of Paytm from Google Play Store affect any user?

The answer is big No. Paytm tweets and informs their users that they will be back soon on Google’s Play Store. This is only for the temporary.  They said, the users’ money is entirely safe, and they can proceed to experience the  Paytm app as normal. However, if the app is already installed on their phones, you all are free to use as earlier.