You must have heard the phrase – All’s Well That Ends Well. But if you are a web designer or a company that is engaged in designing websites and applications, the phrase may not work for you and you may not End It Well Unless You Start Well.

About Osmosis

If you are really unsure of your clients’ desires at the beginning, you are likely to mess up the project. With the advent of the ever-evolving web design technology at a rapid speed, people tend to stay updated and want the latest web solution, on offer. They will fill your inbox with hundreds of references for their dream websites and expect you to incorporate everything in their project, which is next to impossible. Regardless of their limited knowledge about the web design and development, they suggest something and next moment, do not hesitate to oppose the same either. You find yourself reading their emails entire day and the situation becomes completely chaotic. It gets worse when you have more than ONE client.

To avoid such a pile of embarrassing situations, start using Osmosis, an amazing Client Survey application that can simple help you organize your work – from start to end. Osmosis is an application that allows you to understand your clients’ requirements in the best possible manner with reusable and easy to build design briefs and questionnaires.


Great Features of Osmosis

Osmosis, a Focus Centric Inc product is abundant with features that make your life as a web designer easier. The app is empowered with Time-stamped activity that enables you to handle multiple clients and multiple projects. You can keep track of all the questions, which are either answered or left untouched. Furthermore, you can store the questionnaire and use them along-with the addition or deletion of the desired questions and then send them to clients whenever needed. It also comes with dozens of ready-made questionnaires. Just go through the same and use them straightforwardly.

But, what would you do if you get lengthy answers from the clients? Don’t worry. Osmosis metrics allow you to trim them as well. There is another method to avoid the lengthy answers. You can indulge and choose the input methods such as text, radio buttons, checkbox, dropbox, etc. This helps in not only framing the questions, but also getting limited or desired answers. You can also store the communication for future reference. Isn’t it interesting? What if your clients want to attach files? Well! They can do that, as well.

Files are easily attached while answering a question and you can view them as per your convenience. One more interesting fact with the app is that you can wear your brand all the time while communicating with your clients. You can customize the questionnaires or surveys with your brand logo, colors and formats. Ryan Scherf rightly claims that Osmosis IS “ORGANIZED, REUSABLE AND UNOBTRUSIVE.” With the app, you get unlimited storage, unlimited questions, and unlimited support.

Try It to Experience the Revolution

Now you must be wondering that with so much to do, Osmosis must be a complex application to use. Aren’t you? If you are, you are wrong. Osmosis is an easy-to-use and easy-to-navigate application. It is properly designed and evolved after much practical home work by its founder.

Best Fit for

Osmosis is not for all web designers. It is only for those, who want to offer the best solutions to their clients within minimum time frame by organizing their work from start to end. It is even a suggested application for those who are finding it tough to handle the tremendous client flow and have multiple projects to execute effectively.

Final Thoughts

You always, ideally, need to optimize your work culture as this is the only way you can achieve a higher level of success in your business. Over the past few years, the web designing advancements have augmented dramatically. Due to the revolution of e-commerce industry, the web designing and software development companies have mushroomed a lot. To distinguish yourself among them is an uphill task and it can only be possible with streamlining your business strategies and approaches to ensure the best solutions to your clients. Osmosis is the Key to reach the untrodden path. It is simple yet effective.