Apple Inc’s new iPad topped Consumer Reports’ list of tablets in spite of the effective watchdog stoking suspects two weeks ago by saying the latest version of the best-selling tablet release off more heat when used heavily.

The extensively followed group that reviews each and everything from cars to electronics said on Monday that it haven’t found the higher temperatures to be a reason for concern.

“The problem was limited to times when the device was playing a demanding game with the screen fully bright,” it said.

Consumer Reports had previously found that the new version of iPad reached temperatures of 116 degrees Fahrenheit (47 Celsius) after 45 minutes of running an extreme action game or any application which got hotter by up to 13 degrees Fahrenheit than iPad 2 under same conditions.

The new iPad retina display got a solid start with sales of more than 3 million units since it was made available in stores.

This group also created a buzz in the market in 2010 when it said it could not advise the iPhone 4 to purchasers because of signal reception problems.

Apple’s co-founder, the late Steve Jobs, called a press conference to address the issues laid out by the publication and then gave consumers free bumpers, a frame-like cover, with the phone as the nonprofit group had said the case fixed the reception problem.

Reviews for the new iPad have generally been good. The latest version from Apple is not a complete redesign of the iPad 2, but takes advantage of faster 4G wireless technology and has a sharper display.

The iPad’s “retina” display influenced Consumer Reports, which said this new tablet had “achieved the highest ratings we have ever recorded for color efficiency in a tablet.”

Verizon Communications Inc, a U.S. wireless carrier service also received appreciation for its 4G network, which the group said was reliable and fast.