Netflix will be soon releasing an international version of the Netflix app for Windows Phone, greatly increasing the number of devices it runs on in the UK, Ireland and Latin America.

Netflix is now accessible on Samsung, LG, HTC and Nokia gadgets that run on Windows OS in those places. This new app features all of the features of the other Netflix apps which includes localized language support, watching videos over 3G connections and WiFi, subtitles, and cross-country support as long as the country you are visiting has Netflix facility.

Windows Phone users in the Canada and United States will also get access to alternate audio tracks, closed captioning and subtitles along with the betterment in video quality with the latest update, which should be launched later today.

“With Netflix for Windows Phone, users in the UK, Ireland and Latin America can now enjoy TV programmes and films on the go,” said Greg Peters, Vice President of Product Development at Netflix. “Existing Netflix members in the UK, Ireland and Latin America now have greater flexibility than ever in enjoying Netflix wherever and whenever they want.”

Netflix has been working over the last few months on launching its global service across multiple smartphones. Its iOS, PS Vita and Android apps are now available in the United States.