A successful app is one when users are coming time-to-time and again-and-again to use it fruitfully. Today most of our time is spent on the phones; whether it is for booking a cab, playing games, ordering food from a restaurant or something else, we are using phones frequently- isn’t it true?

Of course, it is! According to a Business Today survey, there are approximately 7 billion mobile users worldwide; 73% of people feel compelled to check their smartphones constantly. It is creating an addiction to constantly using smartphones. 

As addiction increases, the business giants are too continuously thinking about launching their app to solve people’s problems and even entertain them to its fullest—the reason why most of them are picking React Native for mobile app development. The framework is helping them to have a leading application. 

According to the Stack Overflow survey, 57.9% of developers love using React Native in the app development process. 

If you want to use these frameworks more effectively, you should hire React Native developers from the Best React Native App Development Company. Here the biggest problem that comes to business giants is how to select a Top React Native App Development Company that can turn their app idea into reality. 

To make your work easy, I have cited the list of 10 best React Native app development companies’ names with their experience, client reviews over GoodFirms, Clutch, SF, etc. 

10 Best React Native App Development Company That Are Serving  Around The World 

1. ValueCoders

ValueCodersValueCoders is a well-known app development company located in India but serving its cost-effective solution worldwide. Whether you are looking for a native, hybrid, or web application, it is one place you can reach any time. 

There is no doubt that the app world is becoming increasingly central to success. If you are hunting for react native app development services, ValueCoders’s development team is ready to serve with incredible app ideas. The entire team is equipped with high-tech technologies, thus offering robust and interactive applications.

Key Points of ValueCoders:

  • Total-experience: 15+ 
  • Dedicated employees: 500+ 
  • Number Project Managed: 4200+ projects globally
  • Hourly Pricing:  < $25 / hr
  • 5.0/5 rating at Clutch 
  • ISO 9001 and NASSCOM certified company
  • Key clients: Capgemini, RiskLogic, Candor, etc. 

2. PixelCrayons

PixelCrayonsPixelCrayons is a custom app development company known for its expertise and highly skilled professionals. Their experience is countless as it has more than 15 years in the Tech world

They are serving almost every IT solution with the knowledge of different technologies, whether it AI-based app development or app development using React Native framework. Its rich portfolio describes everything about world-class software development solutions across different countries. 

Feel free to check their past projects and client’s reviews to have in-depth knowledge about the company and its services. They are popular for delivering engaging, user-friendly, cost-effective app development solutions for iOS and Android apps.

KeyPoints of PixelCrayons

  • Total-experience: 15+ 
  • Dedicated employees: 500+ 
  • Number Project Managed: 13800+ projects globally
  • Hourly Pricing:  < $25 / hr
  • 4.79/5 rating at GoodFirms 
  • Key clients: eBay, Citigroup, Kraft Foods, Adobe


01SYNERGYThe best thing about the 01SYNERGY company is that their development house is equipped with highly experienced professionals. If you are looking to hire a dedicated react native developer for your next app project, 01SYNERGY is right to reach. 

Whether you have a small-scale or a large-scale project, you can pick 01SYNERGY for custom mobile app development services. The company offers a customizable pricing model which suits their budget and app requirements. 

You can connect them in-person to have an app for any platform- iOS, Android, Windows, etc. Their team is highly dedicated to serving affordable and convenient React Native app development solutions.

KeyPoints of 01SYNERGY

  • Total-experience: 13+ 
  • Dedicated employees: 50+ 
  • Number Project Managed: 15000 projects globally
  • Hourly Pricing:  < $25 / hr
  • 5.00/5 rating at SoftwareFirms

4. 12devs

12devs12devs is the right example for the best react native app development company with more than five years. It is in-build with the perfect blend of highly skilled professionals and high-tech technology to serve you with a completely personalized app development solution for your business. 

From framing an engaging UI to integrating unique features into your react native app, 12devs is ready to assist you with the entire development process. They claim to offer effective, robust, and remarkable IT services for all startups, SMEs across the world since 2012.

KeyPoints of 12devs

  • Total-experience: 8+ 
  • Dedicated employees: 50+ 
  • Number Project Managed: 50+ projects globally
  • Hourly Pricing:  < $25 / hr
  • 5.0 rating at Clutch

5. 10Pearls

10PearlsBeing one of the best React Native development companies, 10Pearls believes in serving interactive apps with a caliber to amplify market opportunity. They mostly work with emerging technology so that your app can engage more customers more frequently. 

React Native is booming to build Android and iOS apps with a stellar UI and a simple native user interface. 10Pearls is known for offering an end-to-end mobile application development solution at an affordable cost. 

KeyPoints of 10Pearls

  • Total-experience: 15+ 
  • Dedicated employees: 500+ 
  • Number Project Managed: 13800+ projects globally
  • Hourly Pricing:  $25 – $49/hr
  • 4.28/5 rating at SoftwareFirms
  • Key clients: PayPal, Uber, Blackboard

6. 10GEEKS

10GEEKSWith the art of serving a fully-functional app development process, 10GEEKS has gained a name as the best mobile app development company in Germany. Most importantly, their team’s enthusiasm and dedication to app development make it a more convenient place to reach IT solutions. 

The company is known for developing iOS and Android apps using React Native framework. Whether you are looking to develop an eCommerce app or gaming app, 10GEEKS is all time ready to serve you with the desired solution. They aim at transforming app ideas into reality with their expertise in the IT industry.

KeyPoints of 10GEEKS

  • Total-experience: 8+ 
  • Dedicated employees: 8+ 
  • Number Project Managed: 40+ projects globally.
  • Hourly Pricing:  $50 – $99/hr
  • Key clients: ENKO software

7. Apptunix

ApptunixApptunix is another leading native app development company that has worked with more than 1000+ clients worldwide. They understand the importance of apps in the marketplace, thus offering a top-notch solution so that you can launch it to earn massive benefits. 

Apptunix, an award-winning company that has made its space in the market after providing end-to-end solutions. After covering all major technologies, one can easily rely upon them for diverse IT solutions. 

KeyPoints of Apptunix

  • Total-experience: 7+ 
  • Dedicated employees: 249+ 
  • Number Project Managed: 1500+ projects globally
  • Hourly Pricing:  < $25 / hr
  • 4.9/5 rating at Clutch

8. ScienceSoft

ScienceSoftBased on the timeline, budget, and specifications that you expect from an app development company,  ScienceSoft can help you build an impressive mobile app. The team carries a customer-centric approach to provide a high-quality app for both iOS and Android. 

The existing client praises React Native Android App Developer for offering incredible products and services. 

KeyPoints of ScienceSoft

  • Total-experience: 20+ 
  • Dedicated employees: 1000+ 
  • Number Project Managed: 1500+ projects globally
  • Hourly Pricing:  $50 – $99 / hr
  • 4.8/5 rating at Clutch
  • Key clients: eBay, IBM

9. Prismetric

PrismetricPrismetric is having 12+ years of experience in IT development and has completed more than 500+projects. The team of React Native developers is highly dedicated to developing cost-effective, interactive apps short period with high quality.

They believe in developing a user-centric strategy to serve what their client is looking for and what solution can benefit them to stand ahead in the marketplace. 

KeyPoints of Prismetric 

  • Total-experience: 12+ 
  • Dedicated employees: 220+ 
  • Number Project Managed: 1000+ projects globally
  • Hourly Pricing:  < $25 / hr
  • 4.79/5 rating at GoodFirms   

10. FullStack Labs

FullStack LabsFullStack Labs is reorganized as the uppermost among the Top React Native Development Company India. They aim to target client happiness with its end-to-end solution. They have a lot more than 30+ cross-platform mobile experts and have successfully delivered 20+ react native applications.

KeyPoints of FullStack Labs

  • Total-experience: 7+ 
  • Dedicated employees: 50 – 249
  • Number Project Managed: 500+ projects globally
  • Hourly Pricing:  $100 – $149 / hr
  • 4.8/5 rating at Clutch


If you have already developed a mindset to have an app for your business and looking for a trusted, reputed, and dedicated mobile app development team. In that case, SoftwareFirm is a place to stick. Yes, reaching out to SoftwareFirm can fulfill all your concerns for developing an app to picking the right company for your project.  

Here we have especially cultured a list of top React Native App Development Companies in India and other countries. So it is easy for you to pick one who is delicately serving in this country. 


Q1: Which top companies are using react native?

A1: Some of the top companies that have already opted react-native are:

  • Bloom Berg: It is known for delivering business and markets news
  • Uber Eats: An app that helps you find the best restaurants to serve your favorite food at home. Download it now for contactless delivery from the restaurant. 
  • Airbnb: The right platform to find adventures nearby or in faraway places. Find the information about the experiences you have to bear to travel around the world.
  • Facebook: Easy to connect with family, friends, colleagues, and even people you don’t know. Share photos and videos to brand your business
  • Skype: A platform to stay in touch with people online. 

Q2:How much does it cost to build a react native app?

A2: To let you know, in short, the cost of building an app does not depend on one factor; it gets affected by a lot of different factors like size, features, a platform used, etc. However, I want to estimate how much it would cost you to have a native app. It will cost you around $70k-$80k, while developing the same app using React Native framework will reduce the cost up to 30-40%.

Q3: How much does a react website cost?

A3: According to Upwork, one of the most popular freelance hiring platforms that we know, the rates of ReactJS developers are around $15 to $150 per hour. Besides, the fixed price agreements could fluctuate depending upon the duration and the scope of the project.

Q4: How do I hire react native developer?

A4: While hiring React Native developers, you should check some of the skill sets they are carrying it or not; these skills are like:

  • Capable of writing  JavaScript code. 
  • Should have a good understanding of React Native framework.
  • Able to implement navigation correctly. 
  • Work with Redux. 
  • Perform debugging and testing.