Local SEO

Local SEO is becoming the norm among local businesses who are maintaining a solid online presence. Local SEO can help you target a more suitable market segment based on your location and the products and services you are offering. Getting started with local SEO is also very easy to do, especially with these tips we are about to discuss in this article.


Get Help Early, and Get Help Locally

SEO is never an easy thing to do, particularly when you also have to run a business and do other tasks associated with maintaining your company’s site. When you do want to focus on local SEO, bringing in an SEO company with plenty of experience is always a good thing to do early in the planning stage.

You can focus your search for the right SEO Company to hire to local companies. In Canada, some of the best names are now offering local SEO services, including Blue Hat Marketing available at http://bluehatmarketing.com/.

Compare local SEO companies based on their experience in running a local SEO campaign before. Targeting a specific market segment is more complicated than doing generic SEO, so experience and expertise are indeed very important. More importantly, work with an SEO company that you are comfortable with the most. Schedule a meeting with the team that will be handling your company’s website and see if they have the right visions for your business.

Mind Your Keywords Selection

Aiming at generic keywords when you are doing local SEO is not as difficult as targeting generic keywords globally. When it comes to local searches, the competition is not as fierce as global searches. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use long-tail keywords and fine-tune the selected keyword phrases to target though.

This is where having help early in the planning stage pays off. The SEO company assisting you with the process will know exactly which keywords to target based on the user profile of the area, the kind of products or services you are offering and various other factors.

Get a Google Business Page & Advertise Your Location

This is a critical step to complete when you are doing local SEO. You can’t appear in Google local searches unless you have a Business Page set up. The Business Page should have the name of your business, a suitable description and, of course, your location.

Once the business page is set up, you will start seeing your page appearing on local searches. Even better, your business will also appear on Google Maps, allowing potential customers to find you easily.

The next step is to add your address – or at least the state and country you are in – to various elements on your site. A complete address can be added to the bottom of every page, along with a valid phone number and other contact information. Page titles and the main description of your site should include the name of the state and the country you are in.

Let the SEO team assisting you fine-tune these elements for better local SEO performance. You will be surprised by just how effective these simple tips are in boosting your online presence.