Microsoft had set high hopes on Xbox One in a bid to take Sony’s PS4 head one. But as the products are ready to be shipped to retail stores all over the world developers are raising serious concerns about the products. Some have gone as far as calling this a ‘half-baked cake’. As developers are busy giving final touches to their launch day games they are apprehensive that Xbox One might not live up to the fanfare that has been raised by Microsoft. History isn’t on Xbox One’s side as developers recall that customers were sold faulty Xbox 360 in the past.

As far as the raw specs are concerned PS4 would any day beat Xbox One by a mile. For instance PS4 would have a 1920 x 1080 @ 30fps compared to Xbox One’s 1600 x 900 @ 20 fps. This is quite significant for a developer looking to offer games that give enthralling experience to the users. On other specs too PS4 seems to be leading over Xbox One. Apart from this Xbox One is over dependent on a user being online even to play single player games. To get the best of experience a user would require a user to be online 24/7 which might seem technologically revolutionary but isn’t definitely the smartest marketing move.

Xbox One vs PS4

Another thing that is worrying the developers is Microsoft’s reluctance to show off launch games on their own console. Somehow the company has totally ignored the popular demand. The technology giant has instead chosen the PC to showcase the games and it is a known fact that PC would outperform the console on any day. Microsoft has so far being showcasing it as an entertainment ecosystem but the core functionality of this console remains gaming. There are serious concerns that users might have to wait for updates to derive enthralling experience from their Xbox Ones.

If these issues weren’t enough there are rumors that Microsoft has lowered its shipment forecast for the fourth quarter. Initially an estimated seven million units were to be produces but now the figure has slipped down to 6.2 million. Insiders say that the built-in Blu-ray drive and the Kinect’s camera module have become the cause of the production problem.

Only time will tell if Microsoft Xbox One lives up to the expectation but for now PS4 seems to be leading the race.