Microsoft has updated its OneNote iOS app to provide support for Apple’s iPad and iPad2. The new version of this app, OneNote 1.3, works on any device which supports iOS 4.3 or higher.

Along with adding device support, the iPad version of OneNote utilizes the tablet’s larger screen fully, with bigger pages that can better accommodate things like maps, a menu sidebar, and other iPad-specific features.

This updated version offers more than iPad, includes more languages,able rendering, a tabbed clean user interface and there is a option to sync notes over Wi-Fi for those users who are more concerned about data charges.

OneNote is Microsoft’s supercharged note-taking app. This app was firstly made available with Microsoft Office in 2003 and was launched for the iPhone in January this year. This is a part of Microsoft’s Office suite of products, although so far this is the only Office app available on iOS. To automatically synchronize the notes across various devices, OneNote make use of Microsoft’s cloud service called SkyDrive

However, the iPad and iPhone apps are available for free but you are limited to just 500 notes. For unlimited notes, you need to pay $4.99 for an iPhone or iPod Touch and $14.99 for the iPad. On SkyDrive, if you are having more than 500 notes, then you can still take a view of them on your iOS devices with the free app but you cannot make any modifications in them or add new ones.