The Windows operating system (OS), released by Microsoft has been one of the most used operating system worldwide. As a result of this Microsoft has been under constant effort to develop the latest technology for the Windows OS to keep the users impressed. In this context, it can be said that the Windows 7 have been able to provide satisfaction to majority of its users. However, to bring in latest technology Microsoft has successfully developed a new and better version by improving the existing features further and adding new features that are impressive. This new feature enhanced version is Windows 8. Along with credible features, Windows 8 is supposed to have a stunning user interface too.

An early version of Windows 8 was released by Microsoft on the third week of September 2011. For all those tech-savvy people who can’t wait to get their hands on this new OS, there is good news for you. You can currently download the Developer Preview, presently is the pre-beta version. The developer version allows you to see the current stage of the OS. It comes in three kinds of packages which you can download for free. These packages are:

  • 64-bit version – only the operating system
  • 32-bit version – only the operating system
  • 64-bit version with developer tools

Windows 8 offers you a number of exclusive features which includes a new and amazing user interface and Windows App Store along with enhanced security features. Some of the new features are listed as follows.

1. Supports ARM tablets and PC’s – Windows 8 will be the first version of the Windows OS which will be supported both on ARM based tablets and traditional x86, x32 and x64 personal computers which are based on ARM processors from Intel and AMD. As a result, Windows 8 will work wonderfully on your chosen spectrum of devices including 10-inch slates with all-day battery life to ultra lightweight laptops.

2. Windows Store – In its attempt to compete with apple, Windows has introduced a Windows Store which is similar to Mac App Store. This feature will allow the users to browse through the applications in Windows 8 while developers can publish their Metro-style applications on the devices having Windows 8. Microsoft has even given a demo of the Windows App Store a few days back.

3. Windows To Go – This is a brand new and exciting feature that enables Windows 8 to boot from a USB device called Live USB. This includes the programs, settings and files of the user. This feature can work with both USB 2.0 and 3.0 and both on legacy NIOS and UDFI firmware.

Thus you can see how the new Windows 8 is about to take the world by storm.