Microsoft has admitted, in a recent statement, about the presence of an update bug in the Surface RT device. Technology enthusiasts were in a dilemma over the fact, whether the issue was related to Windows RT or the Surface tablet on a specific basis. Admission to the bug has shifted focus to the problem, being persistent in Windows-RT. The Surface RT device has quite a large share in the market, as compared to the other gadgets using Windows-RT. This resulted in a situation that was grouse and did not appear to be a positive for the company as well.

According to Microsoft’s officials, the planning of adhering to the problem and execution of resolving the bug is as follows:

“Some Windows RT customers who attempted to apply January’s bulletins had issues installing updates. Specifically, impacted Windows RT devices went into connected standby mode during the download of updates from Windows Update, causing the connection to be disrupted. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused and are working to correct the issue; we expect to have a fix in place in the first week of February.”

Getting a synopsis of the situation, it was noticed that the users were facing difficulties in accessing the Windows store or the Windows Updates on a periodical basis. Refreshing the page worked out fine, but over a period of time the problem persisted. Again, a restart would be compelled.


This was just a host to various other problems that were faced from time to time. Similar issues were reported, by certain users, relating to normal app updates. Might be that both issues originated from a similar source or were parallel bugs with different origins. Since January 10th, the day when the update was first released, this problem has been noticed and reported.

The issue was looked upon and the bug was found to be present. There was a general inability involved in downloading and using Windows updates and third-party applications.

Microsoft has been quiet over the exact cause of this bug cropping up and also over the number of users infected by this bug. There’s just one common solution to this issue: Be patient, Wait and Watch this space for more.