Many times, we are left with frequently asked questions and answers as we are unable to get a direct route to engage individuals in answering. Well, Now we have twitter to increase engagement of the viewers and retweeting is the best option to make people know more what you are talking about and your interests. Twitter has become vital tool for brands to convey their messages and engage new and more customers for their brand.

Through this infographic, we would like to present some eye-opening facts to make your tweets more effective and illustrative. For Example, length of tweet should be less than 100 characters, it would get you an extra 17% engagement and retweets for your post. Also, use of hashtag in the tweets doubles the engagement and retweets by other people on your post. As people like to be included in any conversation, which is verified by a hashtag.

We all have heard that ‘call to action’ works, this can be well illustrated with the retweets of any brand, as they never ask people to RT their post, people do it by their own. Including the word RT or Retweet can get you more than 12 times engagement of people in your post. Amplification of a message can be easily stated as ‘more is better than hoping’ if it has call to action element present in it.

Have a look at this infographic to check out the plan you can make out while approaching to your target audience through twitter. You can get to know the best time to use twitter, to get more engagement. Business owners or brands can get some eye-opening data to connect and engage their target audiences. Obviously, in the current trend, there is no better way to approach Twitter.