Time keeping is one of the most important functions in any business. It helps in getting the best out of each employee and helps plan out future tasks and projects. However, managing schedules and making future projects can be a laborious task. Today, when technology has been embraced in every sphere of business, how could time keeping be left out. Time keeping solutions have thus become very popular with almost all businesses ranging from small startups to large corporate houses. There are many such solutions available in the market and you need to study these before choosing one.

About Clockodo

Clockodo is undoubtedly the most popular online time tracking application that is being used by thousands of people cutting across industries. Basically, this comes with a dashboard where a user can access the current work in progress, total tracked time and billable time. Apart from this, Clockodo offers budgeting solutions to the users which come handy in managing multiple clients and a large number of workers.

Clockodo allow its users to view and print the time sheets information with five different time options as a pie chart or bar graph provided by the diagram option. One can also track the progress of individuals in a group working on a project. You can also customize the permission levels for different users within the software. All these features make it the most comprehensive time keeping solution available in the market.


What sets Clockodo apart from the rest of the solutions is its interface which is extremely user-friendly and inviting especially for the first time users. The solution is designed to handle multiple projects and multiple employees or coworkers. The software will allow you to track whether specific projects/activities have been completed or not. It can also be programmed to apply dynamic hourly rates for the same project based on special parameters. The software uses colorful, well-designed graphs and charts making it easy to interpret them. The data can be broken down in many ways for further analysis.

Android & iPhone App

Smartphones have important tools in most business operations. They aren’t restricted to mere communicating in terms of calls, SMSs and emails, but are used in every sphere of business function. Clockodo has been smart enough to realize this and has launched applications for the iPhone and Android based Smartphones.

­iPhone App: This app allows the users to sync their track time solution on the desktops or the servers with their iPhones and keep track on various projects and tasks while they are out and about. The time clock is developed as a web app and thus it can directly be installed from the safari web browser on an iPhone.

Android App: Just like the iPhone app, this application also offers constant updates to the users about the progress of the projects on their Android powered Smartphones. This application is compatible with Android Version 2.1 and above.


Advantages of Using Clockodo

Here are some of the advantage that you should take note of, when it comes to this awesome online time tracking tool.

User-Friendliness: As discussed earlier, this system is extremely user-friendly and can be easily adopted by everybody in an organization. This system requires minimal training as it is self-explanatory.

Easy Registration: You don’t have to go through a cumbersome registration process in this application as it has a two-step easy registration.

Cost-Effective: Clockodo is a very cost-effective solution as it bills customers based on the number of users. It bills active users only; although providing complete data backup of inactive users absolutely free. You can also opt for the 30-day trial package that makes it complete value for money package.

Security: Security of precious data is one of the primary concerns for any business organization and Clockodo guarantees this by maintaining multiple layers of security that prevents data from falling in the hands of unauthorized users.

All in all, Clockodo is one of the best time keeping solutions that is available in the market. This application is worth a try by businesses of all sizes.