It does not matter if you are a start-up or a long-established sustainable business- managing a company is essential!!

However, time and effort are more prominent!!

Of course, even the most successful business owner with excellent time management skills and memory, cannot simultaneously control every one of hundreds of business processes.

Not to worry!!

The mobile applications come to the rescue that allows you to plan the course of events, communicate with clients and colleagues, set specific tasks for the team, and track their implementation.

Nowadays, mobile applications are making life easier for almost every business owner. You can manage your working time, assign tasks to employees remotely, settle debt with credit, and sign documents from the other end of the earth, right from your smartphone.

However, you can earn more; you can get more done!

All that is needed for this is to correctly plan the day and use productively free time.

There are many business automation applications on the market today. They differ in cost, interface, as well as basic functionality, that is, a set of options for optimizing business tasks.

Business Management Application Categorization

By the principle of functionality, the useful applications for business can be roughly divided into:

1. Services for setting and monitoring tasks, or planners

The most popular examples of business applications of this kind are Bitrix24 (allows you to plan a working day, individual projects, and chains of events), Trello (an online board that hosts dozens of tasks and processes in parallel), Basecamp (an online mechanism that combines projects and a platform for communication between team members), Qwaiting (particularly meant to manage the queue system), Salonist (an app for Salons that could be used remotely).

To simplify the life of users and the possibility of combining work on projects, letters, photographs, and all kinds of documents, the service of the search giant is also designed – the Google Tasks glider.

2. Remote access services

This is a real salvation for those who store all the most important things on their work computer but often work outside the office, for example, because of business trips.

One of the most famous applications of this type is TeamViewer, AnyDesk, AeroAdmin, and Chrome Remote Desktop have also earned a positive reputation among applications that provide communication between a specific computer and a user located at a considerable distance from it (perhaps even on another continent).

3. Services of notes and reminders of up-to-date information

This is a decent IT alternative to computer screen stickers and corkboard buttons. With the help of such programs, you can keep mini-diaries and to-do lists, make bookmarks from publications on the Internet, save and quickly view information.

The most popular note services are Google Keep, Evernote, Microsoft OneNote, Simplenote, Nimbus Note, HRM Wage.

3. Services for communication

Business communication is an integral and, one might say, the main part of the business. Here, capability works wonders!! Messengers come to the rescue, providing the ability to instant messaging, with the functions of online conferences, audio and/or video calls, supporting the transfer of files of different formats. Communication applications include Skype, Cisco Slack, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp.

4. Profile services, consulting or information applications for business

These “assistants” are designed for the needs of certain professions. This group includes; an application for tracking the rate of currencies and shares of MyStocks companies, the reference legal system “Consultant Plus”, “Remote accountant”, “VAT calculator”.

List of 10 Leading Business Management Apps – You Must Know

1. Fresh Desk


As an omnichannel help-desk app, Fresh Desk is here to simplify the customer support system. It blends phone, email, social media support, and chat with the self-service elements, such as knowledge base and chatbots.

This outstanding app shows an in-depth insight into the customer intercommunications and makes managing every task easy. It has an automation feature that manages offloading repetitive tasks, handles tickets, workload distribution by default.

2. Salonist


Salonist deserves to be in the list of the best business management apps as it holds every single feature that Salon needs to manage its daily Salon operations.

By choosing this Salon management app, you not only manage the online booking but, also, can use the productive time in improving the Salon’s richness. It is synchronized with the Google Calendar, Outlook, Apple which enables the potential customers to cancel, schedule or reschedule their Salon booking easily.

Salonist has SMS and email marketing, that enables the Salon staff or customers to inform the customers about the important activities and events. In addition, the insights of the inventory can also be obtained in form of reports and analytics.

3. Zendesk Sell


The app that customizes the sales pipeline seamlessly is nothing but Zendesk Sell. Formerly, it was termed as Base Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Because not every lead can be generated equally, hence, this business app prioritizes opportunities and leads to the business.

In particular, it chose only that leads are worth contributing effort and time. Zendesk Sell interconnects to those leads on a priority basis. The part of business management enables the businesses to prefer the leads and deals from the easy scoring rules from its full-funnel analytics. So, the businesses that are lead-oriented must choose this app.

4. Qwaiting


This queue management enables the businesses to efficiently manage the queue and therefore, improves the customer satisfaction rate. It, therefore, enhances the business profits, efficiency, and indeed, improves the customer and queue management manner.

With this app, you do not need to work in manual work; it executes each certain business operation by itself. Starting from appointment scheduling, managing the customer details, sales funnel information, employee management, a screen showing queue numbers, real-time analytics, etc, it covers all.

5. HRMWage


HRMWage is one of the superior cloud-based and business management based app. From attendance tracking, payroll management, wage management, etc. it has all!
From this app, managing all HR based operations becomes seamless and feasible. Interviewing many candidates, calculating salary, tracking the performance of employees, leave management, all are the included tasks that are easy to handle with HRMWage.

The employee details can be tracked seamlessly with this business management app. In addition, it guarantees security and restricts some sort of data breach. This app also eradicates the process of leaves whether it is a short day, half-day, or full-day, and makes the handling process easy.

This app makes it seamless to apply for any leave directly and easily. In addition, the HRs can also leverage it to track the employees and convert the process of hiring easily.

6. QuickBook


As the accounting software, the QuickBook assists you to run the business and shows your business internal insights. From this app, you can track the business expenses and sales, monitor the financial statements (loss and profit reports), pay the vendors and employees, maximize the tax deductions, track the unpaid invoices, and more.

It can get linked to several accounts, incorporating the business credit cards, bank accounts, Square, PayPal and upload the information easily from the sources. The QuickBook seamlessly manages the tax, uploads the photos of the receipt, and tracks the expenses from the mobile phone.

7. Bitrix24


To have the most satisfying experience from your business and potential customers, Bitrix 24 is here for you. It has the free version which can be leveraged by approximately 12 users with storage space of 12 gigs.

Its pricing table is impressive and can be fit into everyone’s pocket; it has the plans which are appropriate for every business. As a Content management system, it is comprehensive and offers many collaboration and customer management tools.

Choose this business management app and know the powerful customer support, customer management, eCommerce, tasks, projects, and internal communication.

8. Nimble


Nimble is for those who have a prominent social media presence and necessitate to gain more profit. As a Content Management App, this app combines the customers’ information from social media profiles. Later, it updates it in the database, and therefore, is time-efficient.

In addition, it monitors the shared interests and consolidates with the Hootsuite, Outlook, and Gmail, etc. Additionally, it analyzes the relationship you valued more and communicated more. Choose Nimble and establish more quality links, sustain the customer relationships, approach smarter and faster, capture more deals, and access the inbox easily.

9. Salesforce


Salesforce is one of the leading and most used business management all around. It has every notable feature present on the dashboard only. From here, you can check every detail of the customer from one place; also, you can have access to the database.

It provides outstanding in-app assistance with access to many guided and tutorials set-up. This app can also integrate more business apps and gives you all your business must need. Using all its features, your business can stand out from all of the competitors.

10. Insightly


Known as a CRM or business management app, Insightly includes every basic or advanced feature that the customer can pick as per the preference. Now, you can easily categorize the contacts with the tags and include that to the social media profiles and according, handles the leads.

From here, you can create the tasks for every team member and fix the pipeline for them. Also, you can track the status of the assigned tasks. In addition, it sends reminders or notifications in the form of SMS or email. When it is about the User Interface, it is very understandable and navigable. Those who do not have any idea of using it will find it user-oriented and easily operable.

Do You know Why Your Business Must be Online in this Digital Era?

Concluding Remarks

Many business tasks can be simplified with business applications. Their assortment on the market today is really impressive!!

Get the job done faster and better with business apps. They carefully remind the user of an important meeting, the deadline for a project, keep notes, and connect with colleagues hundreds of kilometers away.

So, what are you waiting for? Choose one of the apps defined above and get started today!!